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3 Ways To Keep You Eyes Open If You’re Skipping That Cup of Coffee

Quitting coffee? 3 Ways To Keep You Eyes Open If You're Skipping caffeine. It's Pumpkin Spice Coffee Season! Picture this: You're standing in line at your local café, eagerly awaiting your daily dose of caffeine, like a Pavlovian dog salivating at the sound of a bell. You're not alone coffee addicts! But what if I told you that quitting coffee might just be one of the best decisions you'll ever make? (Editor's note: I'm NOT quitting coffee. Ever.) But so many people are. Gisele, J-Lo, Jim Carrey, Zendaya to name a few. But why? First and foremost, let's talk about sleep. You know, that glorious thing you vaguely remember from your pre-coffee days? Caffeine can mess with your sleep cycle faster than you can say "latte." It disrupts your precious REM sleep, leaving you feeling more exhausted. Quit caffeine, and you might actually wake up refreshed for once. Did you know that quitting caffeine can save you a small fortune. Invest in something else, like bitcoin. Speaking of cheese, caffeine is no friend to your digestive system. It can turn your stomach into a bubbling cauldron of discomfort. If you're tired of sounding like a distant rumble of thunder, quitting caffeine might just give your belly a break. But wait, there's more! Let's not forget about caffeine's jittery sidekick, anxiety. If you're already prone to anxious thoughts, caffeine can turn your brain into a caffeine-fueled squirrel on an espresso bender. Quitting caffeine can be your ticket to a calmer, more zen-like existence. And last but not least, coffee stains. Your pearly whites deserve better. Quit caffeine, and you'll no longer spending a your future house downpayment on Crest whitestrips. Sure, quitting caffeine could be the best decision you ever make. It's a ticket to better sleep, a happier wallet, a calmer mind, and teeth that rival a Hollywood superstar's. So, go ahead, put down that coffee cup, and join the ranks of the enlightened non-coffee drinkers. Your body will thank you, and you might just discover a world of possibilities beyond the caffeine high. 3 Ways To Keep You Eyes Open If You're Skipping That Cup of Coffee. According to Drink water and eat snacks. Fatigue can come from dehydration, so water helps.  And a snack can give you an energy boost, especially a healthier snack like an apple or some peanut butter. NOT CAKE. Exercise. Moving for a few minutes can help you wake up and stay sharp. Moving for a few more minutes might help more things. But don't hurt yourself. Taking a power nap. You can avoid sleeping a LOT by sleeping a little.  A nap that’s between 10 and 20 minutes can recharge you.

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