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Everyone has their own preference on coffee beans. Which is why I am contributing to my preferences! I just bought an espresso maker. Here are my favorite beans to use with my Breville.

I saved up my money and finally bought an at-home espresso machine, so let’s talk about the best beans!

When I was looking to invest in a fancy espresso machine to make a perfect latte at home, my sister-in-law, Kacey, suggested the Breville Touch. She has the same one at her house and she makes her own drinks every day. I also did my due diligence and went to Crate and Barrel and Williams Sonoma and spoke to the employees in the “coffee section.” Everyone was so helpful. Many of them also suggested a Breville. So guess what? I bought a Breville Espresso machine!

I almost pulled the trigger on the Breville Touch Impress, but then I looked at the price tag. There was no way I could justify spending $1,499.00 on a “coffee maker.” But the machine right below the Touch Impress was the Breville touch. The price listed for that was $999.00. I bought it through Rakuten, and they offered a $100 cash-back rebate if I bought the machine through QVC. So, I only spent $899.00 on this machine.

Ayla Brown's Breville Touch Espresso machine at home!

I finally caved and bought an espresso machine. After many recommendations by people, I got the Breville Touch. Read my blog to find the best coffee beans to make a great espresso!

Even as I write that amount down I cringe, I’m not going to lie. In so many ways I can’t believe I spent almost $1000 on a machine that makes coffees. Like, WHO AM I?

How Do You Choose Beans For Your Espresso Machine?

Selecting high-quality coffee beans is crucial for brewing a great espresso. One suggestion is to shop at a local coffee shop that offers organic beans. While you’re there, look for beans with a fresh roast date, as freshness significantly impacts flavor.

Consider the origin of the beans as well. Single-origin coffees often showcase unique flavors. Pay attention to the roast level—espresso generally benefits from a medium to medium-dark roast that enhances its rich and bold characteristics. Assess the bean’s appearance; high-quality beans are evenly roasted, with no oil on the surface.

Aroma is another key factor; choose beans with a strong, enticing fragrance. (That’s my favorite part is smelling the beans). Experiment with different beans to find the flavor profile that suits your preferences, keeping in mind the balance of acidity, sweetness, and body for a perfect espresso experience. I prefer a very dark bean for my fancy drinks.

Lastly, did you know that the only difference between coffee beans and espresso beans is how fine the beans are grounded? For espresso drinks you want your beans as fine as possible. Honestly, I didn’t know that until I bought my espresso maker. I’m learning all sorts of new things!

Here Are My Favorite Coffee Beans

  • Vermont Coffee Company

    I have been buying Vermont Coffee Company coffee beans since 2020. During the pandemic my mom and I took a trip to Vermont and we noticed that almost every store sold coffee from the Vermont Coffee Company. I finally bought a bag and tried it out. It is really great, flavorful coffee! And you’ll notice that they sell this brand at most grocery stores in Massachusetts. It makes a great cup of coffee or espresso.

  • Illy

    When I went to Williams Sonoma and tried their espresso drink from the Breville, they used Illy coffee beans. I didn’t know that when I took my first sip, but once I did I turned toward the employee and said, “Oh my gosh what type of beans are these?!” It tasted so smooth, so dark, and so fancy. She told me it was Illy. You can find this brand at the grocery stores!

    Ground Espresso Intenso Coffee - Dark Roast

    Intense and robust with notes of deep cocoa, illy Intenso Espresso is finely ground to provide optimal extraction with espresso machines. Buy now on illy eShop.

  • La Mulita

    La Mulita is a coffee company based in Rye, NH. Their store is right around the corner from my parents house and they make one hell of an espresso drink! They sell their beans in the store, and even ship as well! My brother-in-law loves the “mule fuel” espresso bean. If you have an espresso machine at home, I think you’ll love their beans as well!

    La Mulita Coffee - Single-origin Colombian Coffee Roastery in Rye, NH

    We are focused on 100% Colombian Coffees, stop by our Coffee Bar and Roastery at 15 Sagamore Rd, in Rye, New Hampshire for a delightful coffee experience. Our goal is to highlight and offer the unique flavors and distinct characteristics from each of the five coffee regions in Colombia.

  • Heartwood Roastery

    Truthfully, I have never tried coffee from Heartwood Roastery, but I plan on buying some to try it out! Someone on my Instagram page saw that I bought a Breville and told me she had the same one. She suggested her extended family’s coffee company out of Ohio. She *claims* that these are the best beans for anyone’s espresso machine. I’ll have to report back after I try them!

    Heartwood | Cleveland Ohio Coffee Roaster

    We are a Cleveland based coffee roastery providing fresh coffee to the community and the world. Wholesale coffee in Cleveland Ohio

  • Lavazza

    Lavazza is another “go-to” coffee bean for the espresso lovers. They have a specific espresso bean that’s very popular. The one I would suggest is the Lavazza Espresso Italiano.  According to their website you can, “Bring the Italian way of life into your home with Espresso Italiano. Our quality beans offer you a real espresso taste experience, ideal for any preparation method.”

    Lavazza US | Official Website

    Visit the Lavazza US Official Website: coffee blends, subscriptions and coffee machines. Lavazza, the Italian espresso since 1895.

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    Here’s 32 Companies That Sell Coffee – All To Support Our Military

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