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Boston One Of America’s Worst Cities to Drive In, Only These Cities Rank Higher

Anyone who lives in Boston knows, it is HORRIBLE to drive in. And I'm talking ANY time of day. It doesn't have to be rush hour. In fact, in Boston there really is no rush hour. Traffic starts building around 4:30am every weekday morning and doesn't stop until after 8pm every night. If you're driving on the Expressway, forget it. You could be stopped in traffic at any time of day. For these reasons, Boston has been ranked high on a new study taken by a website called Circuit. Now the way they determined their rankings was from the eyes of the people who drive around the city the drivers. According to the site, they explored 80 U.S. cities and took into account the challenges delivery drivers face while navigating through each one. The main areas of their analysis came from traffic, fuel costs, and safety data to discover the best and worst places to be a delivery driver.  Boston ranks in the top 5 for worst cities to drive in. In fact, it came in at #4. The only cities to beat Boston include Los Angeles (#3), Chicago (#2) and New York City (#1). Boston also ranks high on the list of most time spent in rush hour (fourth), time in congestion (5th), fuel price (3rd). However one area where Boston actually ranked relatively low was in fatal crashes. We actually rank 57th here. So we looked at Boston's overall rankings for being the worst city to drive in. Now, we also have a list of the worst actual roads to drive in. These roads were ranked on crashes and more specifically, deadly crashes. Find out if the road you drive on daily made the list. Just keep scrolling.

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