Carolyn Kruse

Carolyn Kruse

Carolyn Kruse

Cue the music: Dropkick Murphy’s “I’m Shipping Up To Boston.” It was a day Red Sox fans will never forget. After so many late nights of clinched fists, tears of heartbreak and joy, sweat and beers of the post season, it happened. On October 27, 2004 euphoria erupted in New England. Yes, it was 19 years ago today, the Red Sox broke the curse and WON the World Series.

Millions of fans watched as team, that seemed the most unlikely bunch of “idiots,” prove the world wrong. You CAN win games with sheer will, chemistry and of course some talent. In the end, these “idiots” had the mojo to get the job done. How lucky were we to witness it all. The comebacks,  suffering, the sheer elation? We were right there along side this team as they reached the pinnacle of success that we had so longed to witness. The suffering of Red Sox fans was finally over.

After 86 years of drought The Sox swept the St. Louis Cardinals to claim the World Series trophy. In the words of the great Sox radio broadcasting legend, Joe Castiglione, “Can You Believe it?” We won the World Series. In what seemed a task so impossible at first, became a reality. And the fact that the Sox had to get through our greatest rivals to get there made it oh so much sweeter. We jumped through the hoops of the “evil empire,” the New York Yankees. That feat was honestly the greatest part of the journey.

19 years ago today, the Red Sox broke the curse and won the World Series. So, Sox fans let’s celebrate the anniversary of a team that some how pulled off the ultimate redemption. The historic and lovable ’04 Sox that that reversed the curse of the Bambino 6,935 days ago. But hey, who’s counting. Take a look at some of these celebratory posts today.

  • "Can You Believe It?"

  • "Swing and a Ground Ball Stabbed by Foulke"

  • All the Feels...


  • Oh Captain, My Captain

    Where would we have been without our Captain? Probably not celebrating a championship in 2004.

  • One of the Greatest Moments in Sports History

    If you were around to witness it, there was truly nothing like it. Can you name the players pictured here?

    I got… Millar, Arroyo, Schilling, Ortiz, Lowe, Wakefield and is that Youkilis in front and Dave Roberts to his right?

  • We ALL Remember Exactly Where We Were That Day

    I was sitting on my bedroom floor, sweating it out with the rest of Red Sox Nation.

  • First We Had To Get Through The Yankees, But We Had The Big Papi Weapon. And a secret weapon

    The secret weapon was Dave Roberts



  • Who Was The First Person You Called?

    I called my mom, who was in Italy at the time. She didn’t mind waking up in the middle of the night for this news.  She and I have been Sox fans forever. My dad is a Yankees fan. Oh, did that feel good.

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