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Check your piggy banks because you could have some real treasure in there! Some pennies are worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Get them certified and sold asap if you have any of these coins lying around your house.

Pennies that are worth money… you heard me correctly! Do you have pennies in your pocket, laying around in-between your couch cushions, or in a piggy bank somewhere? Good, now take those pennies out and take a look at them. Some of them could be worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

I was aimlessly scrolling through Instagram (who doesn’t), when all of a sudden I saw a guy talking about pennies. Yes, pennies. Those copper things that are literally worth 1 cent when you use them at the store. I watched the entire video because I was intrigued. In general, not many people use coins to pay for things anymore. So I thought to myself, “What’s the point of looking at my old pennies?” I soon found out that some special pennies are worth a LOT of money.

According to the Instagram page @TheCoinChannel, there are ten specific coins that will make you money if you get them certified at You can then sell them on places like Ebay. And based on the amount of bids on some of these coins, there’s definitely a market for old, special pennies. I am not going to go through all ten types of pennies, but here are five important that can make you some extra cash if you get them certified and sold.

Pennies That Are Worth Money According To The Coin Channel: Watch

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Brief History Of The Penny

Why is the penny so important and why are some of them worth so much money? The Numismatic Guaranty Company, which is the world’s largest and most trusted third-party grading service for coins, tokens and medals, broke down the history of the penny. Here’s what they described.

The one-cent coin was originally minted in 1787. There’s been numerous variations of the penny since its creation, but the one that’s most used and recognizable are the pennies featuring the image of former President Abraham Lincoln. That was introduced in 1909 and all pennies produced since have has his face on it.

But that doesn’t mean all pennies since then have been created the same and equal. There have been many cases where production of the penny have “messed up” in some way or another. For example, Abe has an extra ear lobe in one of the pennies. And then there’s that rare coin where the “A” and the “M” in the word “America” are either touching or they’re not. Just these small inconsistencies in the pennies that make them worth a fortune. See below as to what I mean. Good luck in your search!

These Are The 5 Pennies That Are Worth Money

  • 5. Pennies from 1998, 1999, 2000

    For these pennies, you will want to look at the “A” “M” in the word “America.” You need to have a clear space in between those two letters. If there’s an ample space, and the penny was produced in those three years, then this is how much they are worth.
    1998 Coin: $20
    1999 Coin: $100
    2000 Coin: $30

  • 4. 1982 Denver Small Date Penny

    Turn your penny around. If it was made in 1982 and there’s a letter “D” underneath the year, then you’ve hit the jackpot. Before you get too excited though, it has to weigh 3.1 grams or close to it. Also, the letters in “In God We Trust” need to be very thin.
    1982 Denver Small Date Coin: $15,000-$18,000

  • 3. 1984 Penny

    For the 1984 penny, you’re going to want to look at the ear lobe of Abraham Lincoln. In a standard, perfect penny, there’s only supposed to be one ear lobe. But with the 1984 penny, Abe has two ear lobes.
    1984 Coin:$150-200

  • 2. 1972 or 1969 S Penny

    Both the 1972 and 1969 S pennies are famous for what’s called a “double die.” Literally, the words “In God We Trust,” “Liberty” as well as the year are doubled.
    1972 Coin: $650 ungraded and up to $4000 if the coin is high grade.
    1969 S Coin: Look for the same sort of doubling, because these sell for upwards of $66,000

  • 1. 2001 Denver mint mark

    This specific year in mint got made with the reverse of dimes. It’s really cool to see actually. If you find one of these, don’t spend it at a gas station or somewhere else. Take it to the nearest bidding website because it’s worth a lot of money.
    2001 Denver Mint Mark: $66,000-$114,000

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