Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla


Jonathan Wier

Jonathan Wier grew up in St. Louis where he was obsessed with the voices that came out of the radio. He would listen for hours wondering what that person on the other side would say next.

After failing to find happiness in playing music or manual labor he decided to go to college for radio at WLCA in Godfrey Illinois. HeĀ  then started working at 97.1 KFTK in St. Louis as a producer and on-air talent.

From there he has hosted shows in Gainesville Florida (News Talk WSKY 2011-2012), Kansas City (News Talk KMBZ 2012-2019) and now makes his home at Country 102.5 in Boston.

He lives in Lexington with his wife and two sons. When he’s not at work you can find him watching football, playing music with his kids or trying his bestĀ  to make his wife not regret marrying a radio guy.

Ayla Brown

Up until three years ago. Ayla Brown had always been on the other side of the microphone, singing and performing all around the country and overseas for the American Troops.

In 2006, she was an American Idol finalist, then played college basketball in the ACC for Boston College, and in 2012, she had her Grand Ole Opry debut, and most recently in 2018, she sang at the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Country music is in Ayla Brown’s soul. Not only does she sing about it, but she gets to talk about it every day on “Country Mornings with Ayla Brown” on Country 102.5!