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THese these non-stop deals out of Boston in December, they're too good to just stay at home.

How about I make your life more fun and give you 5 really really cheap flights out of Boston this December.

Escape is just a plane ticket away! Winter in Boston is a time when the city’s charm is as frosty as the weather. The locals’ smiles freeze over faster than a puddle on the Common. As the temperature drops, so does the collective mood of Beantown. It turns its residents into a sea of cold and grumpy faces.

Firstly, let’s address the weather. Boston winters are notorious for their bone-chilling cold, biting winds, and relentless snowfall. The city transforms into a frozen tundra, and its inhabitants into frosty versions of themselves. Trying to strike up a conversation with a Bostonian in winter is like attempting to thaw an ice sculpture with a hairdryer – futile and likely to end in frustration.

And the icy attitudes aren’t just reserved for the weather. Bostonians, normally a friendly bunch, seem to contract a case of the winter grumps as soon as the first snowflake falls. It’s as if the citywide hibernation instinct kicks in, and the only thing people want to do is retreat to the warmth of their homes, leaving behind a trail of cold shoulders.

Fly OUT Of Boston In December

Instead of enduring the glacial stares and shivers in silence, why not escape to other destinations? I’ve compiled a list of five non-stop cheap flights out of Boston that will have you trading snow boots for better memories in no time.

I used my favorite travel website, to select non-stop flights from Boston going “anywhere” in the month of December. It gave me a number of great selections. Sadly, none of them very warm. But definitely worth the deal if you have a flexible December schedule.

Here’s 5 of the cheapest places to fly. Some of them are for only a couple of nights, but if you’re wanting to go to Knoxville, you have a really cheap non-stop offered in December. Take advantage of that leftover vacation time now!

  • Nashville From Dec 13-17

    It seems too good to be true, but there’s a non-stop Spirit flight from Boston to Nashville. You’d have to travel from Dec 14-17. But for the LOW price of only $88 round trip, it’s worth it. If you’ve never been to Nash Vegas, now’s the time to visit Music City. Here’s the link to book.

    Nashvile TN skyline with red sunset and birds

    Boston to Nashville has a great non-stop cheap option in December.

  • Philadelphia From Dec 13-15

    I’ve never seen prices this low! If you want to travel to Philly, you can go non-stop round trip for only $38! This deal is on Frontier Airlines. If visiting the City of Brotherly Love is on your agenda, now’s the time to book. I don’t even think a bus ticket is this cheap to Philly. Link to book is here. 

    broad street  at night in philadelphia

    If you’ve never been to Philly, now’s the time with this non-stop deal from Boston!

  • NYC From Dec 14-17

    Visiting The Big Apple in December is the most magical time of the year. There’s lights, and endless shopping, and ice skating. The tree in Rockefeller Square is a must-see. And if you can see a Broadway musical, you’re in for a treat. The holiday season in NYC is the best! You can fly there from Boston from Dec 14-17th for only $90 into JFK. Here’s the link to buy.

    ayla brown in front of radio city music hall in NYC

    I went to NYC with my mom during the holidays and it was magical! I WISH I found cheap flights.

  • Charlotte From Dec 15-18

    Want to head south to watch some ACC basketball? There’s plenty of North Carolina ACC schools that will play in driving distance to Charlotte Or if you’ve never been o North Carolina in general, for this price, it’s worth it! Fly from Dec 15-18 from Boston on Spirit Airlines for only $91! Here’s the link to book.

    city line of Charlotte, NC

    If you are a fan of winter sports, maybe Boston College is playing against an ACC school.

  • Knoxville from Dec 10-17

    There’s so much to explore for an entire 7 days in Tennessee. With this flight you would fly into Knoxville. But I would rent a car and explore the Tennessee mountains, take a tour of University of Tennessee, and definitely hit up Dollywood in Pigeon Forge. This deal is on Allegiant for only $113. You can find the link here.

    Knoxville, Tennessee, TN Downtown Drone Skyline Aerial.

    This cheap non-stop flight is for a week. There’s so many things you can explore with that amount of time on your hands.

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