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I know, we were shocked too! (Or were we?!) Read all about the new relationship!

Here’s one thing we know, Carly Pearce is single no more and she has a new boyfriend!

Since her breakup with Riley King, Carly Pearce has fans spinning a whirlwind of speculation about her love life. The country music singer has breathtaking performances and chart-topping hits. Lately, it’s not just her music that’s captivating the public eye. Lately, there’s been a lot of talk and excited whispering about her co-star in her band.

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We can’t wait to see where this new relationship goes. Will Carly head down the aisle again?

Stars often live out their lives in front of millions and recently Carly has been sharing glimpses into her life off-stage. Many of these Instagram stories prominently feature a new guy, which has only fanned the flames of speculation among her eager fanbase.

Carly posted a photo that all but confirmed the blooming romance between her and her new man. A picture, they say, is worth a thousand words, and this one seemed to be saying, “Yes, we’re together.”

In the photo that was shared on Carly’s Instagram story, she and her new boyfriend are smiling like two little love birds. Carly’s arms is intertwined in his. Their chemistry, previously exhibited on stage, seems to effortlessly transcend into their personal lives. For fans, this image solidifies the speculation that had been swirling around the pair.

Why We Love Carly Pearce And Her New Boyfriend

As Carly Pearce continues to make music and share her journey, her fans eagerly tune in. Whether it’s a new hit song or a romantic Instagram post, the world watches with anticipation. With her new beau by her side, fans  will wait with bated breath to see how this romance shapes her music and personal life.

In the end, we can only wish the best for Carly Pearce and her sweetheart. May their love story be as harmonious and enchanting as the music they create together on stage. After all, as Pearce’s own lyrics go, “Every little thing, I remember every little thing, the high, the hurt, the shine, the sting.” It seems like she’s ready for a new verse in her life.

Here’s Every Little Thing We Know:

  • 1. His Name Is...

    B.C. Taylor! We finally have a name ya’ll! If you follow Carly on Instagram you’ve probably caught on that she has been sitting next to this guy VERY often. They seemed very cuddly on a Southwest flight. You can watch that here:

  • 2. They First Posted About Their Relationship...

    Ok, Carly has been sneaking B.C. into behind-the-scenes photos and videos, but we noticed that on July 22nd, B.C. posted an Instagram story tagging Carly and the captions said, “When you’re in a new relationship.” In the video, which has now disappeared because of the Instagram 24-hour lifespan, she was giggling and pouring water into his ear. The video was taken on her tour bus. Then on July 24th, Carly posted a picture of them together, smiling and basically confirming they are a couple. She used the “heart eyes” emoji and tagged B.C. for the entire world to see. Yes, girl, we see it!!

    But, we kind of speculated a while ago. Especially because of this boat pic that she posted on her Facebook page at the end of June.


  • 3. What Does He Do For Work?

    B.C. is a drummer, and he’s currently on tour with Carly as her drummer. We love a good love story, and with B.C. being in her band, it’s great that they get to spend so much time together. Let’s just home he can “keep time” on the 2’s and 4’s!

  • 4. When Did Carly Become Single?

    She announced her split from boyfriend, Riley King, on June 7, 2023. The couple were together for about two years. This was Carly’s first serious relationship after her divorce from country singer, Michael Ray. At the end of the day, Carly said that she and Riley were, “…just simply not right for each other.”

    Carly Pearce Confirms Riley King Breakup: 'We Just Simply Were Not Right for Each Other' (Exclusive)

    "People date to see if they're gonna go the distance, and we weren't," Carly Pearce told PEOPLE ahead of her CMA Fest performance

    This was the last seen photo of Carly and Riley:

  • 5. Who Has B.C. Played Drums For?

    Before B.C. joined the CP band, he played drums for acts like FILMORE, A Girl Named Tom and Jillian Cardarelli. It looks like He’s been drumming in Carly’s band since at least early March.

  • 6. Who Is He related To?

    B.C. Taylor is related to the late B.E. Taylor. B.E. was a musician and performer who passed away in August of 2016 from a brain tumor. He was regionally known for his song, “Vitamin L” and then went on to record a Christmas project that really took off. Here’s B.C. in front of a poster of his father at a music venue.

  • 7. Does He like Animals?

    He loves dogs and has one of his own named Jolene “JoJo” Taylor. Like most people, he has an Instagram page for his dog, so give it a follow! This is perfect since Carly has two dogs around the same size.

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