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Kruser’s Local Catch

Meet Heather Lynn from Stoughton, MA 

From the opening notes of “What’s Going On With You,” the new single from Heather Lynn, there’s no denying the impact that “women of 90s country” has on this young artist. It’s the strength of the message, combined with a rock-tinged flair that conjures up memories of one of her idols- Terri Clark, or Mary Chapin Carpenter, Reba and Holliston’s own Jo Dee Messina.

Heather sounds like she’s wants to have fun, because…that’s what girls wanna do. The music is uptempo and yet, the message is not. The story comes from the heart and is rather precautionary. She shares a love experience gone wrong, perhaps hoping others don’t fall for the same thing. Knowingly, this New England singer/songwriter puts forth feelings with which others can connect. That, is the intention of any good artist; to have your audience feel, understand and relate to your art.

For a young creator, Heather Lynn has plenty of experience, having started writing music in middle school. Her time put in and passion for her craft has elevated her game. I can’t wait to hear her next move.

  • Hear Heather

    “What’s Going On With You” is the new single from Heather Lynn. She divulged that the song is “about being in love with your person, your someone, when suddenly you realize they’re playing with your head and your heart. This song is saying I’m here, I’m all in…but just tell me what’s going on with you.”

    Listen to “What’s Going On With You” here:

  • Heather Lynn Answers

    * From: Stoughton, MA

    * Current single: “What’s Going on with You” 

    * What lead you to music: It always came naturally to me. It makes me feel alive and happy in a way that not many things do. My cousin had a musical experience when I was young that involved all the hype. The makeup, the lights, the bustle, photographers…everything. My family said it was right then they knew I was going to be in music because I was the most awestruck 5-year-old they’d ever seen.

    * How old when you started: Rumor has it I was singing before talking. I’ve been in numerous choirs throughout my life (academic, religious, and historic choirs!) I Took formal lessons from 10years old throughout college. In between lessons I was also part of a local musical theater group, and my all my schools’ theater club and instrumental bands. I started songwriting in middle school.

    * First country song you learned: Red Ragtop- Tim McGraw

    * Instruments played: Guitar, piano/keyboard, clarinet, saxophone, flute, trumpet

    * How would you describe your sound: Powerful/personal. Songs that I’ve written and sang are about real feelings and events that I have experienced or real events and feelings that people close to me have experienced. Sometimes those experiences are exhilarating and sometimes they are downright difficult. I want people to relate to my music and say “I’ve been there before. I know exactly what she’s talking about.”

    * Who inspires you: My parents. My mom has been through every bump in the road you could think of, and she doesn’t stop. She keeps pushing through and supporting everyone around her. My dad is a hardworking and determined man. He taught me to advocate for myself and don’t take anybody’s…well you know. In terms of music, I’m inspired by a lot of artists. Garth brooks’ storytelling, Dolly and Reba’s passion, and Terri Clark’s attitude.

    * Dream duet partner: Kenny Chesney/Luke Combs/Reba/Craig Morgan (Who could possibly only have 1?!)

    * All- time favorite country songs: Any and all female 90’s country songs. That was such a fun, boss babe era of country music. I love singing Tim McGraw and Luke Combs. Currently I’ve been crazy obsessed with “Everyone She Knows” by Kenny Chesney because I relate to it so much! I’m in that spot in my life where ½ my friends have kids and families and are established in life and the other half are still partying hard Friday through Sunday afternoon. Then here I am somewhere in between the 2 groups… no complaints though!

    * First country concert: 2009- Keith Urban, opener was Taylor Swift

    * What songs do you like now on Country 1025: Wild Heart- Keith Urban, Tequila Little Time-Jon Pardi, Saltwater Gospel, Love Talkin-EYB

    * If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing: Toddler/preschool teacher

    * Day Job: Daycare Teacher

    * Most proud moment: Realizing my self-worth and doing hard things to make sure I was happy and taken care of

    * Crazy thing that happened in your music career: I was Just invited to 2022 CMA fest as an artist! Come find me at the SSM Nashville booth and say hi!

    * Other things you like to do: Play with my dog, be on the beach, read, crafts like paint by numbers. (I swear I could live at Michaels craft store!)

    * Fun Facts: I almost followed a career path as a music therapist. I used to work at a kennel/training facility. I’m a big advocate for rescue dogs and love animals. I love line dancing. I take local classes 2x/week with a friend. I even travel to a barn in RI every once in a while, and have even been on a line dancing “retreat” of sorts. It’s great exercise, so much fun and I love it.

    * Mantra: Do better than the 1st time, learn from the worst times, get stronger from hurt times (“May We All” by FGL and Tim McGraw)


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    Honestly this weekend was just the absolute best.. and I can’t wait to do it again soon!! 🤩THANK YOU to all the friends...

    Posted by Heather Lynn Music on Thursday, May 5, 2022
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