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Local Catch Of The Week: Run Like Thieves From Central New Hampshire

Country music could use more bands. We have plenty of solo artists, even duos, but bands are scarce. Enter: New Hampshire’s Run Like Thieves. This talented New England group brings a rocking soulful sound to country music. Here, you can get to know this trio of friends and musicians. Meet Run Like Thieves from Central New Hampshire. As we’ve all witnessed in 2023, rock is the new country. So many of today’s artists have a rock-tinged vibe. From Morgan Wallen to Bailey Zimmerman, Hardy to Nate Smith, rock music is creeping into country. And frankly, I'm here for it. What I respect about Run Like Thieves is that they have the ability to embrace a strong rock sensibility without throwing it in your face. Their sonic art feel as if it's being delivered carefree. Yet, within the band's fabric there appears to be a deep a sense respect for all the genres they embody. Dynamic vocals, brawny basslines and propulsive beats give “Say Goodbye to Her” the power to lift spirits and propel movement. Run Like Thieves' debut single feels like a timeless jam. But fair warning... be prepared to rock out.  Give the guys a listen, below, and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. You can also learn more about the boys in the band, find out where to catch them live and follow them on social media. Learn about their day jobs, how they got their name and much more! It’s all here, as the artist spotlight shines bright on my Local Catch of the Week, Run Like Thieves from Central New Hampshire.  

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