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Local Catch Of The Week: Frank Viele From Hamden, CT

I'm listening to singer Frank Viele's brand new single and getting all the Bon Jovi feels. It could be the instrumentation, or the southern-rock anthem vibe, or just that it feels like a summer jam. Whatever it is, it feels good. And it feels very different for the indie artist from Connecticut. You can hear "The Trouble With Desire" below, as you get to know my Local Catch of the Week, Frank Viele from Hamden, CT. The 2022 New England Music Award winning songwriter of the Year has been a busy man. He's been writing and releasing a lot of music, as of late. Singer Frank Viele's tour calendar looks overwhelming, and his impressive vinyl collection continues to grow. Viele is no stranger to growth. In the few years I've know this artist, he's continued to push the envelope, step out of comfort zones and flex his musical muscles in the name of growth. Combining his love of many genres has left doors to venues wide open. Frank can work rock clubs, country shows, blues rooms and folk festivals. As a singer/songwriter he is flexible to what he's feeling in the moment, and the moments are ever-changing. Get to know this gifted musician, listen to his song and catch a show. Meet my Local Catch of the Week, Frank Viele from Hamden, CT.    

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