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Allegra Calii From Rhode Island: Local Catch Of The Week

I love the Allegra Calii story. Why? Because it gives us all a little hope. Allegra, like you and me, has always loved music. However, that passion took her from karaoke jams to releasing her debut single. And we're left singing in the shower. This Rhode Island girl is a cosmetologist by day. When she's not helping people look their best, she's singing her heart out. Allegra grew up listening to the powerful female voices of country music. Artists like Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift and Shania Twain inspired her, and continue to do so. Allegra Calii: Catching Fire Releasing your first song is a big deal. It takes a lot of hard work, unyielding dedication and an investment in yourself, your time and your finances. Calii made the investment and it's paying off. Her debut single is out and absolutely impressive. She's created a cool, sonically vibey piece of music for all of us who've been left blindsided in a relationship. Allegra Calii's vocals on "Gone" take you on a journey from subdued curiosity to ignited insecurity. You can sense the intensity as she goes through the necessary emotions. You get the feeling she eventually finds a little peace on her last word..."yeah." Get to know the singer/songwriter from Providence through her music and story, below. You'll also find links to her social media. Supporting our New England singer/songwriters starts by listening. Here, we shine a spotlight on a rising New England star, Allegra Calii.

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