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Carolyn Kruse

Carolyn Kruse

Choosing a life in music takes an intense passion. And it’s certainly not for the weak. But for someone like Charlie Weld from Boston, it’s a calling.

With Disney dreams dancing in her head, Charlie first heard the music calling at a very young age. She took her dreams all the way to one of the most prestigious music schools in the world, Berklee College of Music. That’s where Weld is now, studying songwriting.

The Charlie Weld Way

This “urban cowgirl” was inspired early on from artists like Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert and Kelsea Ballerini. She has embraced their feminine grit to yield her own brand of music that packs a punch. Whether a tender ballad or a country-rocker, like her current “Regret in the Making,” Charlie Weld has a way of telling her stories and divulging her truths in the most charming way.

Her lyrics go down easy with a shot of vocal sweetness. Even when making bad choices, Weld’s warm inflections lead you to trust her, or at least sympathize with the character in her story. This artist has such a talent for displaying strength and softness in one song, both vocally and lyrically. It’s a remarkable skill to have.

Charlie Weld is an advocate for empowering women in music, business and life. Her superpower is her art. And she uses her platform of music wisely. For such a young artist, she has a heart of an old soul, wearing empathy on her sleeve. It’s likely why she is such a effective song writer.

Listen to Charlie’s new release, below, and get to know her through her answers to personal questions. Find out how to follow her on social media and where to see her performing live. It’s all here, and it’s how you can help a local artist like Charlie follow her dreams all the way to Disney, or Nashville, or wherever. After all, as Jiminy Cricket sang, “When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, Anything your heart desires will come to you.” This is a star for us all to wish upon.

  • The Music

    “Regret In The Making”  Charlie explained that her original, “Regret in the Making” is part of an EP of 2 songs that are the prologue and epilogue of the same story. She said, “It goes through the feeling of knowing something (or someone) may not be the best idea, but you’re going to go ahead and draw a heart on a window anyway!” Listen to “Regret in the Making” here:


  • The Story

    • From: Boston, MA
    • Grew up in: Manchester, MA
    • Current single: Regret in the Making
    • What led you to music: I entered music because it was the backbone of my childhood. Between my parent’s love of music and my own love of fully performing every single Disney princess song on a loop, it was my first love.
    • How would you describe your sound: I have experimented with many different sounds over the years of writing songs. I like to think of it like walking into a huge clothing store, you try on everything you like until you find exactly what fits you just right. I feel as though I have finally found that: my favorite pair of jeans, my sound! I have deep roots in the Americana genre with country, pop, and rock influences.
    • Who inspires you: Musically I have had a range of inspirations. Stevie Wonder was the first artist I can remember hearing (probably when I was about 3) and saying, wow I want to do this. Then I heard a young, blonde (then) country singer who is the reason I write songs like I do now. Taylor Swift has been an inspiration for me from day one. Her authenticity and piercing lyrics captured my attention from the beginning. Along with Taylor, I adore Ashe, Kacey Musgraves, Jeff Buckley, Kelsea Ballerini, Phoebe Bridgers, and so many more. Above all, my family and friends continue to inspire me every single day and their support is the reason I am able to chase this dream.
    • Awards/accolades: Finalist in the 2023 Gloucester 400+ $2,500 Singer-Songwriter Challenge. Winner of the Chelsea Berry Singer-Songwriter Spotlight. From Christy Altomare, Singer-Songwriter and Broadway Performer: “I can say that Charlie is without a doubt one of the most talented students I have had the privilege to teach,”
    • Dream duet partner: Kelsea Ballerini! Please let me open for you on tour!!
    • Favorite country throwback song and/or favorite current song: I think for country throwbacks I will have to go with anything The Chicks. From “Long Time Gone” to “Not Ready To Make Nice”, they have a song for every occasion and it is guaranteed to be a hit! A current favorite song of mine is “Leave Me Again” by Kelsea Ballerini. Her raw vocals get me every time I hear the song and her writing on the track is unparalleled. She truly brought everything to the table on her latest EP and I cannot wait to see what she does next.
    • First country concert: I saw Miranda Lambert when I was younger and it was incredible! Her ability to command a crowd while still looking like she’s having the most fun time ever is amazing!
    •  Day Job: I am a musician and am studying Songwriting at Berklee College of Music.
    • Most proud moment: I think that my most proud moment (specifically in my career) has been when I played my first hometown show after releasing my first single “I’ll Take the Lake.” I was up on stage and as I approached the chorus ending, which is “so you keep your ocean and honey,…”, I heard the crowd chime in “…I’ll take the lake.” It was so surreal to hear people sing the words I had written back to me and it means more than I could ever possibly put into words.
    • Crazy thing that happened in your music career: I am very lucky that Berklee gives students many opportunities to expand our horizons. One of those is Career Jam, an event that happens every year where Berklee invites an artist to be a keynote speaker. This year it was Finneas and Ashe. As I mentioned above, Ashe has been a HUGE inspiration to me. Her mental health advocacy and overall brilliance have been shining lights in my life. During Career Jam this year, my question was chosen and I got to talk to her about being an honest and open songwriter and how to balance that with the pressure artists face. It was a surreal experience and I am so lucky to have women with such strength, like Ashe, to look up to.
    • Other things you like to do: I LOVE to read books, I probably spend more time in fictional worlds than this one. I am also a huge animal person. Horses, dogs, cats, the occasional squirrel, you name it and I’ll love it!
    • Fun facts:  If I hadn’t gone to school for music I most likely would have gone for biology, I have a tattoo dedicated to my favorite actress, Florence Pugh, and Red (Taylor’s Version) takes the cake for my favorite Taylor album!
    • Mantra: Stay soft. No matter what, your heart is too full of love to be hardened.


  • The Shows

    See Charlie Weld performing live at the following dates and places: * June 6thOff Cabot, Beverly, MA- RAZHER EmpowHER Female Voices * July 20: Sunapee Pavilion Series in downtown Lake Sunapee, NH   * July 22: Leesta Vall Vinyl Recording Session, order your custom vinyl HERE   Singer Charlie Weld from Boston at microphone on stage with flowers adorning the mic.

  • The Social Network

    Be sure to keep up  with Charlie’s shows, music and happenings by following her social media pages. Just click the links below!


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  • Are YOU a Catch?

    Every week, Kruser’s Local Catch highlights New England’s homegrown country music talent, and tells you where to catch them locally and in Nashville. Click here to view previous catches. *Singer/songwriters with original music: Please submit for consideration on The Local Catch by emailing: [email protected]

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