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I don’t know about you, but I always wondered why Cole Swindell’s #1 hit, “She Had Me At Heads Carolina” didn’t included vocals with Holliston, Massachusetts native, Jo Dee Messina. The song is a play on 1996 debut single, “Heads Carolina, Tails California.” Perhaps he was waiting for this moment.

Yesterday, Cole posted on his social media that was was re-releasing this multi=week #1 hit. And yes, Jo Dee Messina is all over this version. Cole’s caption says it all, “Did y’all really think we were gonna leave you hanging without releasing a version of this song w/ @jodeemessina?!? Such a full circle moment for this here 90’s Country fan… the “She Had Me At Heads Carolina” Remix is OUT NOW! 🪙🎶”

  • The OG

    Jo Dee Messina inspired Cole to write his latest #1 hit, “She Had Me At Heads Carolina” with her debut single, “Heads Carolina, Tails California.” Watch her 1996 music video. And fun fact: The Holliston, Massachusetts native had the orginal lyric “I got people in Austin” changed to “I got people in Boston.” We love our hometown girl, Jo Dee!


  • Cole's First Single

    In 2013 Cole Swindell released his first single, “Chillin’ It.” He actually played our Country 1025 Country Music Festival at the Xfinity Center that year and everyone fell in love with him.

  • Cole Talks About The Song, The Album and Jo Dee

    Back in April, I chatted with Cole Swindell about all of the above and more. He hadn’t even released “She Had Me At Heads Carolina” yet, and it was a main topic of conversation. Check it out HERE! 

    Cole Swindell and Carolyn Kruse

  • Did You See Jo Dee In Cole's Video?

    Messina shows off her acting chops, playing a bartender in Cole’s video for his latest #1.  Take a look:

  • The Two Artists Never Met Until They Made The Music Video Together