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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Life expectancy: 8 – 10 years Temperament: Gregarious, Docile, Willful, Friendly

I totally believe that all dogs have distinct personalities, just like people (and our favorite country stars).

So, just for fun let’s play a game. What comes to your mind when you think of a golden retriever or a black lab? I bet that the first thought is “loyalty.” And you’re right! Those two breeds of dogs have always known to be loyal, forgiving, patient, and kind. They love you unconditionally even though you’ve left the room for three minutes. These dogs would never leave your side. Doesn’t that also describe the personalities of some of our favorite country artists? I can think of a few right off the top of my head. (And I’ll tell you what ones I think they are when you scroll down).

But let’s keep the game going. When you see a Chihuahua what do you think of? For me, I think of a yippy, feisty, dog with a ton of personality. The whole, “small but mighty” concept definitely applies to the little Chihuahua. And when I give you that description, what country artist comes to mind?

See, isn’t this a fun little game? We were talking about Travis Kelce on air when my co-host, Jonathan, said that Travis was loyal like a Labrador when it came to his commitment to Taylor Swift. And that one comment got me thinking, “What dog breeds would some of my favorite country artists be?”

I sat at my studio chair and thought long and hard about it and I instantly thought of Miranda Lambert, Brett Young and Russell Dickerson. I think my selections are pretty accurate, but I’m always curious if I missed one, or maybe you have another opinion. This is obviously just for fun, so don’t put too much clout in it. These country artists aren’t actually dogs.

If Country Stars Were Dogs, These Are The Breeds They’d Be

  • Kelsea Ballerini Would Be A Border Collie

    Border Collie competing in a dog show and jumping

    Lifespan: 10 – 14 years
    Temperament: Intelligent, Energetic, Tenacious, Alert, Keen, Responsive, Loyal, Athletic

    Ever met someone who tackles their to-do list with boundless energy and a laser-focused gaze? That’s the Border Collie in human form! They’re the overachievers of the dog world, always ready to take on the next big challenge, be it herding sheep or mastering new tricks. Kelsea would be a border collie because she’s smart, she’s laser focused on her career, and she’s always ready for the next opportunity.

    Kelsea Ballerini Extends Her 'Rolling Up The Welcome Mat' EP

    Kelsea would be a border collie. See why!

  • Miranda Lambert Has The Feistiness Of A Chihuahua

    Chihuahua sitting in a blue car in the driver's seat looking out the window

    Life expectancy: 12 – 20 years
    Temperament: Lively, Devoted, Alert, Quick, Aggressive, Courageous

    Compact and brimming with attitude, the sassy Chihuahua mirrors that friend who might be vertically challenged but compensates with an abundance of sass. They’re the life of the party, never afraid to stand up to bigger adversaries and always ready to take on the world. The person who immediately comes to mind is Miranda Lambert. She’s feisty on and off stage. She knows how to protect the people around her, and she’ll go to bat for you. Totally Chihuahua vibes for Miss Miranda.

    Miranda Lambert's Own Signature Guitar From Gibson

    Miranda Lambert would absolutely be a Chihuahua. She’s got the personality for it, doesn’t she?

  • Brett Young

    Golden retriever dog sitting and looking up at the camera.

    Life span: 10 – 12 years
    Temperament: Friendly, Intelligent, Kind, Reliable, Trustworthy, Confident

    The Golden Retriever is that one friend who brightens your day with a warm hug and a wagging tail. Always eager to lend a sympathetic ear (or rather, a fluffy paw), they’re the embodiment of loyalty and affection, proving that kindness is the true currency of friendship. The first person I thought of when I pictured a Golden was Brett Young. He is an incredibly loving husband and father. He’s always sharing photos of his family on social media and expressing his devotion.

    Brett young on red carpet holding his wife's hip

    Brett Young reminds me of a Golden Retriever. Read why!

  • Another Loyal Lab Russell Dickerson As A Labrador Retriever

    Labrador Retriever jumping over a fence with a bone in its mouth

    Lifespan: 10 – 12 years (Adult)
    Temperament: Even Tempered, Friendly, Intelligent, Kind, Outgoing, Agile, Gentle, Trusting

    Just like that one friend who never meets a stranger, the extroverted Labrador bounds through life with unbridled enthusiasm. Whether it’s fetch in the park or making new friends at the dog park, Labs embody the “the more, the merrier” mantra. If you’ve ever seen Russell Dickerson you know that he leaves it all out there on the stage. He’s funny. He’s real. And he’s also a great dad and husband. That’s why he’d make a great lab.

    Russell Dickerson And Wife Welcome Baby Boy

    Russell is another loyal breed. Read why he’s a Labrador Retriever!

  • Blake Shelton Is An Adorable Bulldog

    bulldog sleeping on the floor

    Life expectancy: 8 – 10 years
    Temperament: Gregarious, Docile, Willful, Friendly

    Picture this: a bulldog, peacefully snoozing in a sunbeam, a posture that rivals even the most experienced yoga guru. Bulldogs teach us the art of relaxation, proving that sometimes the best way to face life’s challenges is from the comfort of a cozy nap spot. I don’t know much about Blake Shelton’s napping habits, but I do know that bulldogs are also known for being friendly. And there’s not a nicer human being out there than Blake Shelton. How do I know? I met him!

    Ayla brown interviews Blake Shelton for NRA Country

    See? I told you I met Blake! And he was so nice!

  • Kip Moore

    Shiba Inu dog looking at the camera

    Temperament: Charming, Alert, Keen, Fearless, Confident, Faithful
    Life expectancy: 12 – 15 years

    Much like that enigmatic friend who always keeps you guessing, the Shiba Inu is the canine embodiment of mystery. With their fox-like appearance and independent nature, they are the introverts of the dog world, navigating life with a sense of quiet confidence. That totally describes Kip Moore. He’s always been a bit of a mystery to me. He’s never been “connected” to anyone.

    kip moore

    Kip Moore reminds me of a Shiba Inu. Read why!

  • Morgan Wallen Has The Running Spirit Of A Greyhound

    portrait of a greyhound dog

    Life expectancy: 10 – 14 years
    Temperament: Even Tempered, Intelligent, Affectionate, Gentle, Athletic, Quiet

    If you know someone who’s always up for an adventure and thrives on the open road, they’re likely the Greyhound of your social circle. These sleek sprinters embody the spirit of freedom, chasing the wind and living life in the fast lane. To me, Morgan Wallen is one of the busiest artists in the industry right now. He’s always on the road and NOTHING is stopping him!

    ICYMI Teacher Uses Morgan Wallen Song

    Morgan Wallen is like a greyhound. Find out why!

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