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Kruser’s Local Catch

Don’t call her crazy…”call her right.” There’s plenty of humor and conviction in singer/songwriter Alyson Tracy’s latest song that puts a spotlight on gaslighting. There is also a certain amount of Shania sass in her delivery. Here, you will get to know my Local Catch of the Week, Alyson Tracy from Nashua, NH

This talented artist first learned to love music as a young girl, while living in Saudi Arabia. She moved back to the states, and to New Hampshire, where she was seriously inspired to pursue a career in music by the band Trick Pony. A few years, Alyson made the move to Nashville to immerse herself in the country world. She often travels back and forth for gigs with her duo/band partner, Rory Scott, and for solo gigs.

Recently, Tracy was  formally invited to be a part of the CMA Fest, where she was featured as an up & coming country artist, doing  meet & greets and signing autographs. In Nashville she’s also been working with a renowned team of writers at a publishing company.

Alyson’s drive is impressive, her energy infectious. Just listening to her you get the feeling she’s an engaging, dynamic performer. With soaring vocals, relatable lyrics and an air of fearlessness in her execution, there’s nearly a sense Alyson Tracy may take off and fly. She has all the tools to get there. So please put your table trays in the upright position, and prepare for take-off.


  • The Music

    Alyson shares the scoop on her new song, “Call Me Right.” She said, “It’s one of the first songs I’ve written and was fortunate to have Pete Sallis as my co-writer. Pete also co-wrote Maddie & Tae’s “Shut Up & Fish”.  “Call Me Right” was produced by Mark Oliverius & OMGNashville. The song came to be by me having been called “Crazy” one too many times in my life by gas-lighters when more often than not I was right, not crazy, LOL. I believe many people have experienced gaslighting and wanted to approach it in a cheeky and sassy way rather than being hateful. Pete and I succeeded and this song is making waves among publishers in Nashville because of its topic & very unique sound.”

    Local Catch of the Week: Alyson Tracy

  • The Story

    * Grew up in: Nashua, NH

    Now living in: Nashville, TN & Meredith, NH

    Current Single: Doin’ My Own Thing

    * Current Single/Album: Debut Album 11 Track Album is Stronger. Next single to be released soon is “Call Me Right”

    * What lead you to music: I’ve always loved music and officially became inspired to begin performing by Trick Pony. Shortly after that I found the courage to enter a NHCMA Contest and won the title of Rising Star Entertainer of the Year. That year, Trick Pony was the celebrity guests at the Award Show and in 2019 I recorded a song written by Keith Burns of Trick Pony called $20 Bet. It’s funny how life works! That award led to forming a Full Band that performed all over New England, which led to trips to Nashville to record demos and an album with Mark Oliverius & OMGNashville, which led to songwriting, which led to a single radio release deal with Nashville Record Label & Publisher, SSM Nashville. Now, here I am all this time later.

    * How long have you been performing: 20 years

    * First country song you learned: “Pour Me” by Trick Pony was the first country song I learned.

    * How would you describe your sound: My sound is Y2K Country with a flair of contemporary country.

    * Who inspires you: I am inspired by the many Nashville Songwriters who share their stories of struggling to get where they are today. Hearing their stories and relating to those struggles inspired me to continue to dig in and move most of my life to Nashville in order to give it an all in shot! They never gave up the dream and because of their commitment & tenacity, finally got the cut which is when the doors begin to open for more cuts. Most Nashville Songwriters are very forthcoming and kind when it comes to giving advice and helping others.

    * Band name: Paramount Junction is the name of my Band featuring myself and  Nashville Songwriter & Nationally Award Winning Entertainer Rory Scott. We met as individual Artists in 2019 and in 2022 moved to Nashville combining the best of who we are into an Acoustic Duo which quickly led to bookers interested in Full Band Shows too! The name was born as a result of bringing some of the most “Paramount” Musicians & Artists into one room, on one stage for fans to enjoy everyone’s talent at one “Junction”!

    * Awards/accolades: NHCMA Female Entertainer Rising Star

    * Dream duet partner: Miranda Lambert

    * All-time favorite country song: I can’t pick one or even twenty favorite country songs. I love Country music period.

    * First country concert: My first Country Concert was a George Strait Festival with Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, the Dixie Chicks & Jo Dee Messina!

    * If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing: If I wasn’t writing & performing Country music I’d be singing karaoke to fill that need to connect with others through music and stories

    * Most proud moment: My most proud moment was when my little Nipotina was born she was given my name as her middle name!

    * Crazy thing that happened in your music career: raziest thing that’s ever happened to me in my music career didn’t happen on a stage or in a room. Immediately upon moving to Nashville I have regularly been on the property of a country music superstar who also happens to be my personal favorite Artist & Songwriter. Rory was hired as a subcontractor last fall and continues to do projects there as needed. To me that’s insane!!!

    * Other things you like to do: I like to travel, kayak, tube down the river, swim in the ocean, sit by a campfire, spend time with my family & closest friends, save wild animals and help others wherever I am able

    *Fun facts: I grew up as a child in Saudi Arabia with the Red Sea as my playground.

    * Mantra: If your path demands you to walk through hell, walk through it like you own the place!

  • The Shows

    Alyson won’t be doing any shows this summer, but if you are planning a Fall Nashville trip be sure and see her performing live at a couple of iconic Music City venues. See her at The Row, performing regularly beginning in October at this historic club, where Brooks & Dunn first met, and where “Friends in Low Places” was sol to pay an outstanding bar tab!

    Also, starting in October, Alyson will also be performing at NashHouse

    Local Catch Alyson Tracy


  • The Social Network

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