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Carolyn Kruse

I’m listening to singer Frank Viele’s brand new single and getting all the Bon Jovi feels. It could be the instrumentation, or the southern-rock anthem vibe, or just that it feels like a summer jam. Whatever it is, it feels good. And it feels very different for the indie artist from Connecticut. You can hear “The Trouble With Desire” below, as you get to know my Local Catch of the Week, Frank Viele from Hamden, CT.

The 2022 New England Music Award winning songwriter of the Year has been a busy man. He’s been writing and releasing a lot of music, as of late. Singer Frank Viele’s tour calendar looks overwhelming, and his impressive vinyl collection continues to grow. Viele is no stranger to growth. In the few years I’ve know this artist, he’s continued to push the envelope, step out of comfort zones and flex his musical muscles in the name of growth.

Combining his love of many genres has left doors to venues wide open. Frank can work rock clubs, country shows, blues rooms and folk festivals. As a singer/songwriter he is flexible to what he’s feeling in the moment, and the moments are ever-changing. Get to know this gifted musician, listen to his song and catch a show. Meet my Local Catch of the Week, Frank Viele from Hamden, CT.



  • The Music

    “The Trouble with Desire” is the new release from Frank Viele. He wrote the say in a studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Frank relayed, “The Trouble With Desire’ is a song about the things we have to sacrifice to pursue the things we think we want. It’s about the struggles and self-doubt we carry when pursuing a dream. It’s about how sometimes the things we want most in life are the things that can cause us the most harm or present the biggest challenges to us. Drawing on the thought pattern of why sometimes we cannot walk away from certain aspects of our lives no matter the potential for chaos, it subtly speaks to the blinders we often put on when reaching towards a goal or fighting a battle – ultimately losing site of what we are sacrificing in return until it’s too late.” 

    Frank Viele single artwork



  • The Story

    • Grew up in: Milford, CT 
    • Now lives in: Hamden, CT 
    • Current single: The Trouble With Desire 
    • What lead you to music: I can’t remember a time when music wasn’t a part of my life.  My earliest memories include being enthralled by the sound when my grandmother would play the piano in my childhood home.  Then, when I was in my early teens, my older brother moved to the west coast leaving an old Epiphone acoustic guitar that was my dad’s behind.  The guitar landed in my room and my life was forever changed.  That guitar was by my side during challenging times growing up, it led to my first foray into songwriting, and before I knew it, writing songs and playing guitar were the only things on my mind. 
    • How long have you been performing: It’s crazy to even think back that far now, but I released my first basement- recorded EP 18 years ago.  I’ve been playing music in public seetings for about 22 years. 
    • First country song you learned: Highwayman by The Highwaymen! 
    • How would you describe your sound: That answer changes depending on the day.  I can say that I study music from the listener’s perspective and try to absorb a wide range of artists in order to constantly push my ears creatively.  However, my core influences come from the Soul, Alternative Rock, Blues, and Country worlds.  So I think I sonically fall there most days.  I think playlisters might call that the “gritty side of Americana” or the “bluesy side of country”. 
    • Who inspires you: The answer to that question also changes pretty much daily.  Lately, I’ve been enthralled by the songwriters that seem to have mastered the complexity of writing powerfully simple songs.  You know, artists like Iron And Wine and Ben Howard that can develop a narrative and vocal melody that perfectly weave in and out of a dialed back chord progression yielding a beautifully emotive song that connects on so many different levels. That said, I’ve also been on a huge Justin Townes Earl and Bonnie Raitt kick lately. 
    • Awards/accolades:  

    New England Music Awards: 

    • 2014 Live Act of The Year
    • 2015 Album of The Year 
    • 2015 Male Artist of The Year 
    • 2017 Songwriter of The Year 
    • 2022 Songwriter of The Year 
    • Dream duet partner:  Is there a better answer to this question in modern music than Grace Potter of Brandi Carlisle?  If not them, I think it would be a dream come true to do a song with Carole King. 
    • All- time favorite country song:  Much Too Young (to Feel This Damn Old)/ Garth Brooks,  Here’s A Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares) / Travis Tritt – Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde / Travis Tritt / James LeBlanc 
    • If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing: I think that Luke Combs tune, “Doin This” pretty much describes it best.  There really isn’t anything else on this planet for me.  It’s just music and any pathway towards playing and writing as much music as possible.  Sure I dabble in other things and enjoy being in a position whenever possible to work in any field that helps humanity in any way; but no matter where my journey takes me, I’m absolutely certain that a guitar will always be close by. 
    • Most proud moment:  The first time I got a standing ovation opening for John Waite.  Still can’t put that feeling into words. 
    • Crazy thing that happened in your music career:  At this point in my career, I could probably write a book on this.  But for now, I’ll just say that the fact that I got to record in Muscle Shoals, Alabama most recently and had moments where I was sitting in the studio working on my record and an absolute legend like David Hood walks in the front door sits on the couch and just listens to an early mix we were working on.  That type of thing just kind of blows my mind because these are the folks who made the music that molded my life.  I’m in that phase where I’m walking in some of the same circles that people I grew up idolizing are in.  That in itself is humbling and at times is hard to fathom. 
    • Other things you like to do: I’m an avid vinyl record collector and every year I listen to 365 different records cover to cover.  I then make a corresponding Spotify playlist with my favorite song off each record.  It’s a process that keeps my musical ear guessing and always in discovery mode which I love.  It also gives me something to do on the road during down times as I love to find local record stores when on tour.  There’s a whole section about it on my website. 
    • Fun facts about you:  Hmmm.  I know a lot about furniture.  I have had the pleasure of being in the education furniture industry for years and working with school districts to design and implement forward thinking learning environments.  It’s a passion of mine that also led to a hobby where I like to refurbish and repair old furniture in my spare time.  I’m that guy that sees old rocking chairs on the side of the road and throws them in the back of his pickup to rebuild and repurpose. 
    • Mantra: I have lots of them.  But as I sit here right now embarking on releasing another indie record, being grateful for the journey, but also knowing the absolute two-year life tornado I’m walking into going into another album cycle; a little sign my grandfather used to have hanging above his desk comes to mind.  It was a picture of a tree and it said “don’t worry if you work hard and your successes are few, remember that the mighty oak was once a nut just like you”.   
  • The Shows

    • Thursday, June 1: City Winery in Boston supporting John Waite
    • Friday, June 2: No Worries Brewing Company in Hamden, CT
    • Sunday, June 4: Bean & Cone in Amesbury, MA
    • Thursday, June 8: Revere Beach Summer Concert Series! in Revere
    • Saturday, June 24: Lazy River Products in Dracut, MA
    • Sunday, June 25: Urban Lodge Brewing Co. in Manchester, CT
    • Friday, July 7: WeHa Brewing and Roasting Co West Hartford, CT
    • Sunday, July 9: Rapscallion Brewery in Sturbridge, MA
    • FULL Show list HERE

    Frank Viele

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