Commuter traffic makes it way along Storrow Drive (Photo by Darren McCollester/Newsmakers via Getty Images)

When driving in Boston, there are certain notorious locations that bring fear and disgust to drivers. It’s no secret that Boston suffers from some of the most nightmarish traffic conditions not only in the United States but, as recent reports suggest, in the entire world. However, it is within these specific locations that the chaos seems to reach new heights, with a scene of screaming, honking, and lots and lots of profanity echoing through the streets. We’re referring to locations like the infamous Leverett Connector, the nerve-racking Expressway, and the ill-fated Storrow Drive.


Every day, hundreds of thousands of commuters embark on their drives into the city and its surrounding areas, bracing themselves for the annoying and frustrating gridlock that awaits. The amount of vehicles competing for limited road space creates a perfect storm of impatience. Amongst all of the commuters, the city of Boston has some individuals who seem to possess a pretty strong deficiency in the idea of patience. These commuters, driven by their self-centeredness, engage in a numerous amount of maneuvers to circumvent the seemingly endless line of brake lights.


However, this week marked somewhat of a turning point in the battle against these drivers.


  • This Ends Now!

    The Massachusetts State Police deployed one of their patrol cars along Storrow Drive. Positioned next to the vehicle, an officer diligently looked at the flow of oncoming traffic. As the rush hour chaos was moving along, one daring motorist took it upon themselves to cut into the packed lanes at the very last second, with of course, a complete disregard for others. The officer promptly intervened, signaling the driver to pull off behind his car. Check it out in the video below:

  • What Law Is Being Broken?

    The specific law being violated in this scenario can vary between an improper lane usage, illegal lane change, or crossing a solid line. Or, just being a complete, ugh.


  • What Are Bostonians Saying?

    Some people think otherwise…


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