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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

On Dec 1st I deleted ALL of my social media from my phone. This is what it felt like.

On December 1st, something clicked for me. My co-host, Jonathan Wier, and I were deep in an on-air discussion about the detrimental effects of social media. As we delved into the dark side of constant connectivity, I made a decision that would alter my social and work life. I deleted Facebook, Instagram, and X from my phone. (GASP!)

I went through an array of emotions when I deleted my social world. Each day brought a different feeling. I’ll get to that in a minute. But let me cut to the chase and get to the good stuff. Without the immediate access on my phone, the allure ultimately diminished. The urge to check notifications faded, and a newfound sense of detachment emerged. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through timelines, I found myself engaging in meaningful conversations with friends and family, both online and offline.

A Shift in Perspective

Unplugging from social media allowed me to reassess my priorities. I no longer felt the need to constantly update my online persona or compare my life to curated feeds. The external validation that once fueled my online presence was replaced by a deeper appreciation for genuine connections and the joy of living in the moment. Even my Mom told me that she felt like she was with a “different Ayla” while we were on vacation. She said that I was fully present and honestly, that made me feel awesome.

Ayla Brown, rob bellamy and barrett bellamy on vacation in Ft. Myers

Without social media, I was able to be fully present with my family. I only used my phone to take pictures and videos of our time together!

In the end, the decision to give up social media on my phone proved to be a liberating choice. While I still use these platforms sparingly on my computer, the shift in perspective has been transformative. I’ve become the master of my digital realm, using social media intentionally rather than being consumed by it.

Nowadays, my phone is no longer a source of distraction. I’ve embraced the present, cherishing moments without the constant need to document and share. By stepping back from the social media frenzy, I’ve gained a newfound sense of freedom, a liberation from the digital chains that once bound me.

What Each Day Felt Like After I Deleted My Social Media


  • Day 1: It Was A Breeze

    The initial surge of inspiration and motivation propelled me to hit the delete button. I felt empowered, ready to break free from the clutches of endless scrolling and the elusive pursuit of validation through likes and comments. I was determined to take control of my digital life. I barely looked at my phone the entire day!

    Ayla Brown and Barrett Bellamy feeding a giraffe

    Usually I would have put this photo on my social media because it’s so darn cute!! My son fed a giraffe and had no fear!

  • Day 2: Still Motivated, But Temptation Lingered

    While the motivation lingered, the absence of those familiar icons left me reaching for my phone out of habit. It was strange—muscle memory guiding my fingers to press buttons that were no longer there. It was a reminder of how deeply ingrained social media had become in my daily routine.

    Ayla Brown, Rob Bellamy, and Barrett Bellamy standing in front of a Christmas tree in Naples.

    I would definitely have posted this on my Instagram page and said, “Virtual Christmas Card from FL!” But without social media, I just shared it with close family and friends.


  • Day 3: The Withdrawal Stage

    Reality set in on day three. I began to experience what felt like withdrawal symptoms. There was a sense of missing out, a fear of losing touch with the world. Yet, amidst the unease, a silver lining emerged—I found myself texting friends I hadn’t spoken to in ages. It might have been out of boredom, but it sparked a reconnection that felt genuine.

    Ayla Brown and Barrett Bellamy in Front of a Waffle House.

    It’s true… the more I took pictures of our fun vacation, the more I wanted to post them. But that temptation really only lasted a day.

  • Day 4 and Beyond: Liberation And Freedom!

    As the days passed, a transformation occurred. I started to feel liberated and free from the constant need to check notifications. The void left by social media was filled with real conversations, face-to-face interactions, and moments of genuine connection. I rediscovered the joy of being present in the moment without the constant distraction of a buzzing phone. I still have them deleted from my phone and proud of it!

    Barrett Bellamy in front of a John Deere tractor

    I’ve been without social media on my phone and it’s been the BEST decision for my mental health. I feel present and happier.

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