Ok. I admit it, I’m a terrible speller and always have been, I get tripped up on E before I accept after C and sometimes Y?

Thank god for Spellcheck!

If it weren’t for spellcheck, I would be in trouble, and thankfully even our phones are now equipped with it. Otherwise, I would be busted by the grammar and spelling police. Before Spellcheck we used a trusty dictionary or a trusted friend that could spell. In fact, I have already used it three times in these paragraphs!

Someone recently did a Google search to find the most misspelled words and here are the Top Ten.

See how you would do on these, for me I got about 7 correct ( I always struggle with numbers 4, 7 and 9 (but thankfully not today)

The Top 10

  • 10. Congratulations

    We get tripped up on the ‘t’ because when people say it, you pronounce it with a ‘d’ as in congradulations. So if you spelled it correctly, congratulations!

  • 9. Diarrhea

    toilet paper

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    It’s the second ‘r’ that trips us up, but let’s be honest it’s not a word that you want to spell very often

  • 8. Bougie

    Cheri Moon


    As in Booj-ee, it’s the ‘g’ that people forget, let’s be honest, it’s not a real word, it’s slang used for you’re friends that spend a lot of money on things that could get a lot cheaper. You’re not Bougie if you shop at Wal-Mart per se.

  • 7. Maintenance

    Connecticut School District Prepares Classrooms For Hybrid Learning

    (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

    People forget there is an ‘e’ after the ‘t’ and think it’s an ‘a’, just remember, there are two ‘a’s and two ‘e’s and you will always maintain the proper spelling

  • 6. Niece

    girl with animals
    People can’t remember if it’s an ‘i’ before ‘e’ or some even spell it “Neece” but if you have a niece you should know how to spell it or just buy cards with it stamped on already.

  • 5. Beautiful


    It’s the three vowels in a row that we are most likely to screw up. The word beautiful sounds terrific and it’s probably derived from French and they like to be extra with their vowels.

  • 4. Receipt

    Coronavirus Cases Rise In Glasgow Despite Restrictions

    . (Photo by Andrew Milligan-WPA Pool/Getty Images)

    We get screwed up on the ‘e’ before ‘i’ rule again, but if keep the receipts it won’t be a problem.

  • 3. Appreciate

    people dining inside restaurant

    People are never sure about how many ‘p’s are in Appreciate or they are not sure if it’s an ‘s’ or a ‘c’. If you don’t struggle with this than you’re under-appreciated!

  • 2. Pneumonia

    X-ray of the lungs of a sick person

    This one is obvious, it’s the silent ‘p’ that trips us up. Again, why do we need it? It is a Latin word derived from the Greek word pneumon, meaning lung. Still Greek to me.

  • 1. Restaurant

    woman enjoying wine

    This one is Google’s highest misspelled word with an average of over 95,000 people a month looking it up. Probably because we are trying to find a great one to make reservations for. The RANT part is what gets most people, they want to add a ‘u’ to make it RAUNT, not rant, but we should all know how to spell it, after al we go to one every week! (at least)

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