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Taylor Swift has written some incredible songs, but here are our favorites. Do you agree? Did we miss any?

It’s Taylor Swift’s world and we’re just living in her love story!

Taylor Swift has always had the most enchanting love songs. From her early country roots to the more evolved pop melodies, Taylor has a way of taking us through the roller-coaster of love with every note and lyric. So we’ve chosen her best 13 love songs. Obviously 13 of them because her lucky number is 13.

Why Are Taylor’s Love Songs So Wonderful?

Taylor has an uncanny ability to articulate the myriad feelings of love that many of us have felt but struggled to express. Whether it’s the giddy rush of a new crush or the crushing weight of heartbreak, Taylor has a song for that. She has a song for all of those emotions!

Each song is like a mini-novel, taking us on a journey from start to finish. Her vivid imagery and intricate details pull us into the narrative, allowing us to live vicariously through her words. When you think Tim McGraw, we actually think about the song Taylor wrote.

“Tim McGraw” was one of Taylor’s first love songs, but it certainly wasn’t her last. She has released a few never previously-released “from the vault” songs that we are absolutely obsessed with. We know you will be too if you haven’t heard them.

heart hands with friendship bracelets

Taylor Swift has so many love songs. She’s been writing them since she was 14 years old!

Taylor Swift’s love songs are not just melodies and lyrics. They’re experiences, emotions, and stories that resonate with millions. Whether you’re in love, heartbroken, or somewhere in between, there’s a Taylor song that understands exactly how you feel. So, next time you’re lost in your feelings, turn up some T-Swift, and let her melodic tales of love sweep you away!

Here’s Taylor Swift’s 13 Best Love Songs:

  • Love Story

    This modern twist on Romeo and Juliet transports us to a world of balconies, ball gowns, and of course, true love. What makes it special? It’s Taylor’s genius of turning a tragic tale into a fairy-tale ending, resonating with anyone who’s ever dreamed of an everlasting love.

  • That’s When (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) [feat. Keith Urban]

    This unreleased track from her earlier albums, later reintroduced in “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)”, reminisces on a love lost and then found again. The duet with Keith Urban adds a complementary layer, emphasizing the song’s narrative of reconciliation.

  • Mine

    This song is about the transformative power of love. Taylor reflects on a relationship’s journey, from the initial sparks to the deeper commitment. The chorus, “You are the best thing that’s ever been mine,” sums up the song’s message of appreciation and devotion.

  • Enchanted

    Capturing the magic of a first meeting, “Enchanted” feels like a Cinderella story in a song. It’s the overwhelming emotion of meeting someone you feel deeply connected to, wrapped up in a beautiful, enchanting melody.

  • This Love (Taylor's Version)

    A dreamy ballad from the “1989” album, “This Love” speaks about love’s resilience, the kind that ebbs and flows but always returns. It paints a portrait of mature love, one that has seen storms but remains unwavering.

  • You Are In Love

    This is a tender observation of a deep, real love between two people. The lyrics encapsulate the intimate moments that signify true love, making it a truly heartwarming song.

  • Gorgeous

    With its playful melody, this song from the “Reputation” album portrays the exhilarating and almost frustrating crush where you’re completely infatuated by someone’s beauty, both inside and out.

  • King of My Heart

    Here, Taylor speaks of a love that takes time to grow, but when it does, it reigns supreme. The evolution from solitude to finding her “one” is depicted wonderfully through the song’s progression.

  • Lover

    Aptly named, this song feels like a warm hug, like slow dancing in a living room. It’s an ode to a mature, comfortable, and enduring love. The beautiful simplicity of lines like “Can I go where you go?” captures the essence of wanting to spend an eternity with your lover.

  • Cornelia Street

    A poignant reflection on a relationship and its significant memories tied to a specific place. It captures the fear of losing love and the places that become sacred due to the memories attached.

  • Invisible String

    From her “Folklore” album, this song beautifully narrates the idea of fate and how life’s strings connect us to our destinies and, ultimately, to the ones we’re meant to be with.

  • Paris

    Though there’s no song titled “Paris” by Taylor Swift as of my last training data in September 2021, you might be thinking of “The Last Time,” which mentions the city, or perhaps another artist’s song.

  • Tim McGraw

    Taylor’s debut single captures the essence of young love and nostalgia. The song uses Tim McGraw’s music as a metaphor for memories associated with a past relationship

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