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Rock a new hairdo: A new year deserves a new ‘do. Your child will likely need a haircut before the school year anyway; why not try something new?

Janine’s daughter came home from school the other day with her hair in braids. Apparently her teacher thinks Janine does a bad job getting her ready for school and has been “braiding my daughter’s hair” every day for her.

Ayla Brown: And good morning, Janine. I hear that we have to talk about your daughter and her hair. What is happening?

Janine: Hey. Yeah. And by the way, I have finally gotten the guts to call you guys. I have listened to this segment for so long.

Ayla Brown: So proud. So what is what’s happening with the hair?

Janine: My daughter’s in preschool, and I put her in nice clothes every day. She’s clean, she’s fed and all that. And then we get to her hair and her hair is more of a personal part of her day. And I’m not into anything fancy with her hair, frankly. I don’t know how to do anything fancy. But, you know, sometimes I’ll do a low braid or a messy bun and she’s happy. You know, I get her out the door and she’s all put together and I love the way she looks. And she does too.

Ayla Brown: I was going to say on mission here.

Janine: Yeah. So I am noticing that at the end of the day, she gets in the car and we just kind of chat it up and I’m not really staring at her. But the last couple days I have just noticed, looking at her more carefully, that her hairstyle is different than it was in the morning.

Ayla Brown: So is someone at school redoing her hair like a friend?

Janine: Well, I asked her that. I said to her, your hair, who is that? And she said, Miss Miller.

Ayla Brown: Miss Miller?

Janine: Miss Miller. Okay. Miss Miller is her teacher. Okay? Right. Well, Miss Miller is apparently a wizard at hair because she is in all of these French braids and these newest styles. And I mean, it looks amazing, but she’s braiding my daughter’s hair.

Ayla Brown: You have a problem with that?

Janine: Yeah. Okay? I do. Tell me why you’re messing with my daughter. Maybe I’ll tell you why I have a problem with it.

Ayla Brown: Yeah, I would love to know what people think. Everyone would want to know. Is it common for teachers to redo kids hair? I don’t know. I don’t have a girl in preschool and my hair was always a mess. So I feel like I would always be grateful if someone did help me with my hair growing up.

Janine: Well, I mean, I’m sending her off looking good. And it’s 2023. Why are you touching my daughter’s hair? It really bothers me. I mean, am I overreacting here because I don’t think I am. This is my daughter.

Ayla Brown: Okay. So hair can be obviously very personal. And you as the mother, you’re thinking someone else touched my daughter’s hair without my consent, And that bothers me. So you have every right to call in. And I’m so glad you did. Especially being a a lover of the show for a long time

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