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Did you buy something that you didn't like? Maybe you forgot your receipt? That's ok, because these 5 companies have GREAT return policies. Check it out for yourself!

We’ve all had to return an item to a chain store, or any store for that matter. And the worst is when the cashier asks you, “Do you have your receipt?” You want to tell her to bug off, because who keeps receipts these days?! The answer is: no one.

That’s why I’ve picked my five favorite chain stores that have the best return policies for their customers. In my opinion, these places have mastered the art of “customer first.” Some of them don’t even require you to have a receipt!

The Art Of Returning

Why do people return items? Well, obviously for a number of reasons. Maybe the dress looked good on the hanger, but awful on your curves. Sometimes, that neon pink toaster seemed like the perfect addition to your kitchen until you realized that it clashed with your minimalist aesthetic. Or perhaps those size 7 shoes were a tad too optimistic for your size 9 feet. No matter what it is, we’ve all been there.

But fear not, for the heroes of hassle-free returns are here to save the day! These five stores understand that relationships with our purchases can be fickle. They acknowledge that sometimes, love at first sight turns into a long, hard stare at something you never wanted. So here’s to the stores that get it, that embrace the ebb and flow of consumer emotions, and turn the art of returning into a joyful experience.

Let’s raise a glass (of non-returnable wine, of course) to the following stores: Target, IKEA, Nordstrom, Costco, and Kohl’s. Read below about their hassle-free return policies. And may your shopping sprees be filled with confidence, knowing that if buyer’s remorse strikes, there’s a return policy waiting to catch you in its warm and forgiving embrace.

Here’s The Top 5 Stores With The Best Return Policy:

  • 5. Kohl's

    Kohl’s has a great return policy! Did it make our #1 spot? No, but it will still get you excited if you need to return something and you don’t have your receipt anymore. According to the Kohl’s website, “Kohl’s will accept most returns on items purchased in-store and on for up to 180 days after the original purchase date, with or without a receipt.”

    Did you hear that? No receipts needed! And if the employee can’t track down the transaction details, your refund will be given to you in the form of a merchandise credit. Kohl’s stores also accept Amazon returns.

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  • 4. Target

    Target is next on our list of best return policies. According to Target’s website, “Most unopened items sold by Target in new condition and returned within 90 days will receive a refund or exchange. The return window for items sold on begins once the order has been invoiced.”

    But here’s a little loophole. Target shoppers can get up to a full year to return or exchange Target-owned brands such as Cat & Jack or Threshold. If you don’t have a receipt, the refund may be issued to a merchandise credit. Here’s a list of all of Target’s brands.

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  • 3. IKEA

    Ikea is next on our list. I love when you go to their website to look at the return policy it literally says, “It’s OK to change your mind!” And IKEA means it.

    You can return unopened products within 365 days. And if you’ve opened the product, you still have 180 days to return. You’ll get the full refund in the original form of payment. You just have to provide proof of purchase. If you paid in cash, a return may be possible without a receipt, but you’ll need to check with the store. Ikea also allows small items purchased in store to be returned by mail. But just beware, that you’ll have to pay shipping costs.

    Just FYI, the IKEA stores will ask for a government ID if you make a return without proof of purchase (The TJMAXX, Home Goods brands do the same thing).

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  • 2. Nordstrom

    Nordstrom has a very interesting and relaxing return policy. At the the end of the day, they just want to make their customers happy. According to the website, Nordstrom handles returns on a case-by-case basis. And here’s the best part…

    There are no time limits on a return, and you don’t need a receipt! Store associates will look up your purchase in the company database; if they cannot find a record of sale, the refund will be provided on a gift card at the current price of the item. Nordstrom returns can also be made at Nordstrom Rack locations.

    Score!!! But it’s still not as great as our last and BEST return policy

    Nordstrom Rack store

  • 1. Costco

    This should be illegal, because Costco’s return policy is basically “anything goes.” Costco offers their customers a “risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee” for returns. So that means that the policy entitles you to a full refund with no deadline, with or without a receipt in most cases!

    But beware, because there are exceptions. Electronics have a 90-day return limit. Members returning diamonds 1.00ct or larger must also present all original paperwork (IGI and/or GIA certificates). Cigarettes and alcohol cannot be returned. But what’s also cool is that if you’re not satisfied with your Costco membership for any reason, that’s eligible for a refund too.

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