2019 Rascal Flatts tour

We were let into the Xfinity Center early last Thursday afternoon. It was a much hotter day than anticipated for late August as we followed the maze to the backstage area that lead to the tour buses.

The air conditioning felt nice as I walked up the bus steps and made myself comfortable awaiting the arrival of a guy that’s definitely making a name for himself in the country world: Jordan Davis.

He broke out on the scene with “Singles You Up” and went for a second #1 with “Take It From Me,” a song co-written with his brother and now onto his third release that is climbing the charts, “Slow Dance In A Parking Lot.”

The bus door swung open and in walked Jordan, ready to chat all about his debut, the new Home State Stories videos, even the expecting of Baby Davis! Also his reaction to photos I have of a beardless Jordan is priceless! (see the photos here)Watch the interview below: