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Country singer/songwriter Ryan Hurd joined morning host Ayla Brown backstage at Country 102.5’s Street Party 2, but before they got into talk of awards and life with his wife, country superstar Maren Morris, Ayla had a challenge for Ryan.

Which famous North End bakery is the best, Mike’s Pastry or Modern Bakery?

While chewing and contemplating that debate, Ryan dished on his career as a writer as well as a performer.

“Being on stage is more exciting, but it’s not as creative as being a writer. I talk about it like it’s a pair of shoes – there’s a left foot and a right foot – I really haven’t figured out how to do one without the other and still be happy.”

As part of a country music power couple, we were wondering if either Ryan or Maren get competitive at all.

“I think I would lose, so no! I think I learn a lot watching Maren, she’s really good at every part of this job,” Ryan told Ayla. “We still get to write together and be creative and sing, whenever we’re out on the road together. It’s fun, but no, we’re never competitive.”

Maren and Ryan started off as friends, writing together, and he explains how the dynamic has changed since dating and getting married.

“We have a life together, and so there are so many things now that are more important than writing songs together,” said Ryan. “Everything in my life I have because of songs, my career, my record deal, my house, my wife […] I still love whenever we get to do creative things together, but it’s also fun to have a life outside of music too.”

Hear more from Ryan Hurd, including how he feels about his gold record with “To A T,” and which North End bakery he picked as his favorite, in the video above.