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There are passionate sports fans in this town, that is well known. We embrace that characteristic here in Boston! 

But there are always a few fans out there improperly reppin’ our passion, by being poor sports. Merriam-Webster defines it here:

Definition of poor/bad sport :  a person who is rude or angry about losing

Yup, that just about sums up what happened after last nights loss at the Boston Garden, when the Bruins took it in the chin to the Blackhawks in overtime.

The game was was a thriller, as the Bs came back in the third to tie at 3, and force an overtime… with hopes of keeping their 8 game win streak alive.

Fans were fired up after Chicago’s Zack Smith threw a questionable hit on “it guy” David Pastrnak’s in the third. And so were the Bruins!

B’s John Moore displayed his dislike of the hit by dropping his gloves and getting into it with the Chicago winger.

Trash talking is one thing… but trash throwing?  That’s just garbage.

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