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It’s actually a retreat, and it’s happening in Haven Riviera Cancun, Mexico! Ok, now I’m intrigued.
Traditionally, yoga retreats were strictly designed to adhere to pure health. Holistic and wholesome diets, practices and lifestyle were the norm.  So, if the idea of cleansing the mind, spirit AND body isn’t your thing. This could be. If  a strict vegan, meditation, cleansing kind of  retreat turns you off, this new idea might just turn you on!
 This “Drunk Yoga” idea comes to us from astrologer, Eli Walker, whose “New Year, Do You Retreat” offers yoga classes, cocktails and birth chart readings. I wonder if they need someone to research it, and share findings…

The bookings are being handled by CheapCaribbean. Prices start at $899. The 4 day retreat takes place February 20-23, 2020 at the Haven Riviera Cancun Resort & Spa and focuses on mental wellness, self-care, meditation, astrology readings, and yup, daily drunk yoga!

Flights are included in the price, as well as accommodations, sipping and stretching with cocktails in hand, chart readings from Walker, sober sunrise beach yoga, character-development workshops and a copy of Eli Walker’s book.

So, Drunk Yoga…anybody?

Cheers, and namaste!

Drunk Yoga

Good morning, Drunk Yogis!⁠ ⁠ How are you carpe-ing the diem today?⁠... (We highly recommend starting each day with a compliment to yourself, and a compliment to the person next to you.) Catch us this week in LA Thursday-Sunday at @hotelerwin in Venice, in NYC Thursday at 6:30pm at @evenhotelsmidtown and Saturday at 4pm at @brokenshaker bar at @freehandhotels.


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