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Swimmers beware!

Sharks sightings have been off the charts in the last week. According to the Sharktivity app, a total of 40 sharks have been spotted from Boothbay, Maine to Block Island, Rhode Island!

Cue the Jaws music

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On Saturday, swimmers were ordered out of the water after 2 white sharks were spotted in the waters at Newcomb Hollow Beach in Welfleet, MA, on Cape Cod.

NECN reports there have been 250 shark sightings off New England waters since early June. In July alone, there were 90 spotted!

Check out the breakdown of where sharks have been spotted in New England:

  • Cape Cod — 25
  • Plymouth — 5
  • Castle Island — 2
  • Bailey Island in Maine — 2
  • Martha’s Vineyard — 1
  • Revere Beach — 1
  • Plum Island — 1
  • Boothbay in Maine — 1
  • Cousins Island in Maine — 1
  • Block Island in Rhode Island — 1

    (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

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