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She sure looks good for 109!

Happy birthday to America’s Most Beloved Ballpark, Ms. Fenway!

You’ve come a long way, baby!

Honestly, there is no place I’d rather be… especially on a beautiful spring day like this. Like many fans, I consider Fenway Park to be my church. It definitely feels holy, with history, folklore, and mysticism.

Fenway is the oldest active MLB ballpark. The home of the Boston Red Sox is even on the National Register of Historic Places (as of March 2012). This is good news for  us fans, because it means Fenway Park isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The opening of our favorite park back in 1912 was meant to be a huge event in the city of Boston. However, it was largely overshadowed by a far more tragic event, the sinking of the Titantic.

We love our park for all it’s quirks and oddities that drive visiting teams crazy; From Pesky’s pole, to the Green Monster,  and “the Triangle.” Fenway is also the 5th smallest ballpark in the MLB. And frankly, although uncomfortable, most of us “church-goers” prefer it that way!


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