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It’s every parent’s nightmare. Something isn’t right with your child, and you can’t fix it. With a newborn, pretty much every single day is a little scary. How many of us have checked on our babies to see if they are breathing?

Recently, Jimmie Allen and his wife Alexis experienced this very nightmare. The couple’s baby Zara was born just 6 weeks ago. Alexis shared the details of what happened on Instagram, explaining that Zara had to be hospitalized for a few days with RSV, Respiratory Syncytial Virus. You can see her story HERE.

Allen shared, “On Tuesday night I was traveling on the tour bus from Nash to be closer to family knowing that Jimmie had a busy week with work. Zara had been resting the majority of the ride but around 10 p.m. she woke up with a coughing fit for well over 10 mins. Knowing this is something we went through before, I decide to turn the shower on and let the steam help open her airways up a bit. Tried suctioning. Chest rubs. Nothing seemed to work.”
Thanks to the work of EMTs, nurses and doctors, Zara is home today recovering.


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