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This happened.

And frankly, it was weird.

On January 6, 1998 the Grammy Award nominations were announced, and for the first time in their history, the same song was nominated twice, by different artists. How did this even happen?
Here’s your answer: The song was written by Diane Warren, and originally commissioned to be in the blockbuster Nicolas Cage movie, Con Air. The producers asked LeAnn Rimes, who was 15 years old at the time, to record the song for the movie. After hearing it, they decided they needed a less pop sound and more mature voice, so they asked Trisha Yearwood. Her version made it into the movie, while LeAnn’s version got released anyway to pop radio, and then country radio started playing both versions. It was crazy. And both artists were uncomfortable with the whole thing.

The Grammy Awards, held in February of 1998, only made matters worse. The teenaged LeAnn Rimes was asked to sing the song live at the show. The award was given out immediately following the performance, no commercial break.

And the award for Best Country Vocal Performance by a Female goes to… Trisha Yearwood! While little LeAnn stands by to watch from side stage, where she had just sung her heart out.

You can’t make this stuff up.

How do we resolve the awkwardness… with a mashup, of course!

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