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We New Englanders have certainly become accustomed to some bad winters. But how bad…compared to other states? The Thrillist has conveniently ranked them for us.

Who fared the worst in New England?

The answer: Maine. Maine ranked #8 on the list of the most miserable winters. Massachusetts came in at 14, while New Hampshire ranked 15, Connecticut 20, and Rhode Island 21. Wait, where is Vermont on this list? They fared much better, surprisingly, coming in at # 25, mostly because Vermonters love snow and seem to be able to handle driving in it.

Check out the entire list. Colorado was a bit of a shocker.


Every State, Ranked by How Miserable Its Winters Are

In most of America, a shitty winter is an annual tradition. It is cold out. Pipes freeze. Lips, noses, and cheeks get chapped and raw. " Polar vortex" enters the lexicon. Snow hats look cool until you have to take them off indoors and then your hair pays the price.


Remember the winter of 2015?

Jill Leach shovels her car out at her home in Boston’s Charlestown section, Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015, one day after a blizzard dumped about 2 feet of snow in the city. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)


I snapped a pic of this pile that wouldn’t melt that Spring!

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