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With Julian Edelman, you never know. He is so social media savy, and loves to incite his followers. So, when he tweeted from Patriots’ practice in Vegas Wednesday, our interest peaked, but our guard was up. The retired New England Patriots reciever posted that he “brought his cleats to the desert just in case.” Hmmmm. Could this mean….?

Edelman showing up to Pats’ practice prompted Gronk to tweet, “Do it Jules.”

But wait, there’s more to the story. Just last week, in an interview with sports journalist Rich Eisen, Julian said that under the right circumstances he would consider a return to the field. Edelman, who played all 12 of his professional career years with the Patriots, retired back in 2020 aftter he failed a physical exam. Here’s to hoping the Super Bowl MVP considers wearing that number 11 jersey for the Pats again!

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