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If you’ve seen the Zac Brown Band performing live at Fenway Park over the last few years, you’ve likley noticed a female band member on stage for several songs, and/or opening their shows. The dazzling multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Caroline Jones has now officiall joined the band! Caroline grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut. Being in a country band is a long way from her beginnings, but it makes perfect sense, as Zac values musicianship in his band, above all else.

According to,Caroline wrote her first song when she was just 10 years old. She learned piano, guitar, banjo and Dobro. She studied in New York City, as a teen, attending The Professional Children’s School, and then in college at NYU. She learned to sing opera and jazz before finding her way to the country world. (Wikipedia) Since it’s formation in 2000, the Zac Brown band has gone through several changes with in the band, but this is the first time they’ve addes a female musician and vocalist.

Well done, Zac Brown. And congrats to the super-talented Caroline Jones! Be sure and follow Caroline on Instagram. 

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