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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

father teaching son how to grill hot dogs and bonding during the day

Marisa’s husband bought an outdoor grill and loves being the “grill master”. But she spends hours preparing and marinating the food before he cooks it and she’s sick of him getting all the credit. So last weekend she didn’t prepare the food, just gave it to him to cook. And it wasn’t good. And he blamed her. Is she wrong for being frustrated with the “grill master”? My husband gets all the credit for my work

Marisa: So don’t judge me of for being petty, like even I think it’s petty, but I just have to get this out because I’m so frustrated. My husband bought this outdoor grill thing, Anyway, the point is, it’s fancy.

Ayla Brown: All right. Gotcha. So fancy outdoor grill situation.

Marisa: Yeah. No one can touch it but him. Right. And we have people over, you know, like it’s nice out. And he’s always the one that takes all the credit. But I’m sitting in the kitchen for hours, even like, the night before, like, you know, marinating things and prepping and like, getting all the spices and making the sauces. And I just feel like everyone compliments him. And he is like, Yeah, I’m such a good cook, probably. And I’m like, Well, what about me? Like, shouldn’t this be a team? But there is no mention of me except the last time I was so frustrated that I didn’t get any compliments from him or anyone, you know, I just felt all alone. So I was like, okay, fine, here’s your chicken, here’s some salt and pepper on the chicken. I didn’t treat it like normal, you know, I just did the basics like, Oh, yeah, you’re so good. Here you go. Make it amazing. So of course, people didn’t do the usual, like, Oh my God, this is so good. And he was like, Oh, yeah, of course there was a leftover in the kitchen or something. Like it was.

Ayla Brown: Okay, so let me get this right. What’s your husband’s name, by the way? I’m going to I’m going to throw him under the bus right now.

Marisa: Oh, David.

Ayla Brown: David So David is the grill master. He usually gets marinated things from you, and you spend a bunch of time doing it, and then you bring it out to the grill and he puts it on the grill and flips it a couple of times and it tastes delicious. And when you have friends over, they taste it. They taste the juicy chicken or the juicy burgers, and they say, David, this tastes unbelievable hands, you know, clap it up for the for the chef. And he’s like, thank you, thank you, thank you. But the second time and you don’t get recognition, right?

Marisa: No. Even though I have this secret ranch marinade recipe that’s the best. I didn’t use it the last time.

Ayla Brown: Well, yeah, speaking of that. So the last time you guys had people over, you barely touched the meat and it wasn’t as good.

Marisa: Exactly

Ayla Brown: Number one for the most country mom, country, country Mornings with Kayla Brown. I didn’t know I had actually a burning country. One or two Fox. Boston’s hottest country.

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