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Chelsea had a backyard family party and a friend’s 8 year old daughter decided to “babysit” her baby. But the 8 year old got so possessive of the baby that she wouldn’t let anyone else hold or play with her. So Chelsea had to say something to her and the girl threw a fit. But the girl’s mother doesn’t see anything wrong with what happened and thinks she shouldn’t have said anything.

Conversation Between Ayla Brown And Chelsea In ‘Ask Ayla Brown’

Ayla Brown: Good morning, Chelsea. How are you? I know you’re calling about disciplining someone else’s child. And I think as parents, we all wonder, when do you step in and when do you not?

Chelsea: Hi.

Ayla Brown: What happened at your summer pool party? That sounds so fun, by the way.

Chelsea: I mean, it would have been if I hadn’t had to deal with this other kid, you know?

Ayla Brown: Okay. What happened? I mean, basically, what happened?

Chelsea: It was just a little cute barbecue, a pool party for friends and family. And I have a baby. She’s just a little over a year now. And there were friends and family coming that hadn’t met the baby. You know, the first year is crazy.

Ayla Brown: Yes, I know. I have a one year old as well. I get it. So basically, what happened?

Chelsea: One of my friends came and there were kids at the party. She brought her 8 year old daughter. And I don’t know if you guys have ever seen this, but sometimes a little girl will just want to spend a lot of time with the baby. She was really cute with her and really sweet. And she was kind of like, I’m going to watch the baby. And at first that was cute and fine and all that. But then it she was oddly possessive.

Ayla Brown: Of your baby.

Chelsea: Oh, my baby. Yeah. And it got to the point where other adults that I had invited to my home had to get permission from this eight year old to interact with my baby. I thought it got a little weird and a little wonky. So at one point, I went up to this little girl and I scolded her a little. I was like, You are not in charge of this baby. People want to hold the baby. They can hold the baby. And then my aunt came up and took the baby. And then the 8 year old had a little bit of a moment. She was crying and she was very upset and saying the baby was taken from her and all this. And my friend was upset with me because she thought she was being so cute and sweet with the baby. And then you scolded her.

Ayla Brown: Do parents have any say on what their children do or not do these days? Right. Amen.

Chelsea: Thank you. So that was just crazy. Am I taking crazy pills here now? Is that weird that I don’t want an 8 year old to be in charge of my baby?

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