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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Does a baby’s personality start in the mother’s womb? That’s a question I’ve been asking myself recently and here’s why. I am on my second pregnancy, and I feel like the baby in my womb right now is very different than my first-born.

My First-Born Baby’s Personality In My Womb

My first child, Barrett, was very quiet and shy inside my womb. There were times when I actually had to poke my belly to see if he was moving. One time at a doctor’s appointment I even asked the OBGYN if he still had a heartbeat. He wasn’t moving and I was concerned. Even when we went for ultrasounds, Barrett would hide his face when the ultrasound technician tried to get photos of his face. Sometimes we would be in the room for almost an hour trying to get photos, but they would almost always be failures. He was just a shy baby inside of the womb.

Fast forward. Barrett is 20-months-old now and the personality traits that I felt in my belly really track today. Even though he loves other people, he can still be a little shy. There’s something he does with his eyes that’s playful but shy at the same time where he looks up at you with curiosity and silliness. Barrett is always content doing tasks by himself and he is very determined to finish those tasks. For example, if he sees a broom in the closet, he will insist that I get it out for him so he can sweep the floors. If we are outside picking up sticks, he wants to join in on the activity and help us pick up sticks.

He’s a rule follower and not pressured by kids around him. To me, these are all traits that make sense based on how he felt in my belly- steady and calm, and someone who will always do things on his own time.

Ayla Brown And Barrett Bellamy. Personality in womb

My first born son, Barrett, has personality traits that I feel like started when he was in my womb. My second child already has more aggressive movements in my belly, which makes me think he’s going to be a wild man.

My Second Baby’s Personality Is MUCH Different In My Womb

I am 35-weeks pregnant with a second boy, and boy oh boy do I feel like this child has a totally different personality than Barrett. Unlike Barrett, who was quiet and sweet inside my belly, Brock (that’s my second boy’s name), is wild and fierce. He constantly kicks me and is always moving. He’s active and excited. I predict that not only will he arrive in the world a couple weeks early, I also think that he will be my “active” child. He’ll be the one that I bet will get in trouble at school and nag his older brother all the time. That’s just the feeling I get, and while I don’t know if it’s true, only time will tell.

What Do Doctors Say About This?

I went to my OBGYN yesterday and asked if there were any medical studies done about baby’s personalities in the womb. She told me that unfortunately there are no studies like that. So I decided to do my own personal “study” on my Facebook page. I simply asked the question to other mothers on whether they thought their children’s personalities in their wombs reflected in real life. The answers were fascinating. In fact, you can read some of them below.


  • A Mother of 5 Kids Thinks Food That Is Eaten Is More Important

    Paige Anne – “I’ve given birth to five babies ages 17-30. In my experience, their activity in the womb doesn’t reflect their personalities. However, the food cravings that I had while pregnant do seem similar to what they liked to eat as they grew up.”

    woman eating fried chicken and burger at the table

  • This Mom Totally Felt Like Her Son And Daughter Were Different In The Womb

    Sonia Carestio Touchette – “Absolutely without a doubt! Baby is brewing inside you and your energy level, temperament and pregnancy experience affects baby in utero. My daughter was a wild one in the womb and I was sick the entire pregnancy. When she was born, it was so clear to me she was going to be an active little person and she was. Walked at almost 9 months and was reading books before she was 3. My son was quiet, calm and almost exactly textbook in the womb. He slept 23 hours a day after birth and to this day is the calmest, most humble man. Excited to see Brock and hear about the differences you notice from your toddler! 🩵
  • Second Baby Is The "Troublemaker"

    Chelsea Lockhart – “Once I felt my daughter she never stopped. And she’s that way now. She’s 2 and runs laps around literally everyone. The more tired she is the more energy she has and it takes her awhile to wind down. My son wasn’t quite as active and he’s more easy going. He’s going to be a trouble maker though. He goes off on his own and explodes and he’s only 8 months!”
    Father and son under bedsheet making funny face
  • Opposite Feeling For This Mother

    Stephanie Resendes – “My first son was so calm in the womb(never really kicked or moved around much) and came out my wild child who can’t sit still for 5 mins – I say he saved all that energy for when he came out 😅.. my second son was very active in the womb (kicking, punching, flipping you name it) and he came out the calm one. So, for me, my boys were total opposites of what I expected based on how they were in the womb!”
    two older male twins pointing at each other
  • Flips In (And Out) Of The Belly

    Patra Winders – “My first and third were calmer in my belly. They still moved and kicked me in the ribs but calmer compared to the middle one. She was doing flips. I was able to count her toes one time. She never stopped moving and is still like that 10 years later. She was also like “I’m out of here” 3 weeks early haha.” 
    little boy jumping on trampoline indoors in sport center
  • Her Daughter Is Still A Night Owl

    Julie Burdett Hamm – “I’m not sure about personality but habits for sure! My daughter was most active is my stomach between the hours of 11p-2am. From the moment she was born she continued being most playful and awake during those hours. Now that she’s 10, she’s a night owl and it’s a struggle to get her to sleep.”
    great horned owl

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