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Here’s More Things That Make Ireland SO Different Than America (Part 2)

The list keeps on going with "Random things that make Ireland and America so different!" I wasn't expecting such a large response from people when I wrote part 1 of this article. If you missed it, check it out here. When my husband, son and I traveled to Ireland last week we were shocked at some of the random things that made our countries so entirely different. In part 1 of the series I covered the following: Irish people LOVE their poached eggs! It's true. No where do they ask how you want your eggs. Scrambled? Ya right, you'll never see that at a restaurant there.  There Are NO Shutters On Irish Homes I don't know why, but I've never seen shutters on any of the homes in Ireland. I also never saw one house made out of wood. They were all cement blocks or stone. It was so different compared to the homes we have in America. They HATE giving out napkins Maybe I'm used to going through the Dunkin drive-thru and them giving me 20 napkins. But in Ireland, they only give you one. You have to ask for more, and when they come back with "more," it's only one more. You Can Only Buy Medicine In One Place In America you can buy over the counter medicine almost anywhere. But In Ireland you can only buy it from a pharmacist at the pharmacy. That was a very interesting experience when looking for a fever-reducing medicine for our son. NO Tipping! In Ireland, and most of Europe, you don't have to tip. In fact, it's not encouraged or even expected. The first night out was really weird. I had a guilty conscience not leaving a tip. But that quickly disappeared and the rest of the trip was so much more enjoyable just knowing that I was paying for my meal and not having to put another 20% on top of it. So What's On Part 2 Of The "Ireland is Different Than America" List? Now that you've seen what was on part 1 of my list of "random ways Ireland is so different than America," here's part 2 of that list. Once again, let me know if you agree with me at all or if I'm missing something entirely!

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