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I Bought My Wife Celtics Playoff Tickets But They Weren’t Floor Seats So She Wasn’t Happy With Me

Alan decided to buy his wife Celtics Playoff Tickets for her birthday. Since he bought them online, he printed out a generic pair of tickets so she would have something to open, but all he could find were floor seats. And his wife got so excited to sit in floor seats that she was really upset when she realized they’re way in the back. Should she be happy with Celtics Playoff Tickets for her birthday? Or is she right to be upset when she realized where they are sitting?

Here’s Alan’s Boston Celtics Playoff Ticket Dilemma

Jonathan: Today for panic button we have Alan. Hey, Alan.

Alan: Hey, guys.

Jonathan: So, your problem is you’re not rich.

Ayla: That’s everybody’s problem.

Jonathan: Or famous enough to have courtside seats to the Celtics. What’s going on?

Alan: Yeah. It’s my wife’s birthday’s coming up and the Celtics are in the playoffs, as we all know. So I thought it would be nice to get her some Celtics Playoff tickets. So I did.

Ayla: Awww

Alan: I got, some tickets for the game that’s coming up. But they’re on my phone, so there’s nothing for her to open up on her birthday.

Jonathan: I get it. Yeah, I’ve gone through the same thing with people. It’s annoying.

Ayla: I miss the days where you could get physically actual tickets sent to your house, and then you would be able to gift them.

Alan: Yeah. And then you can save them and stuff, but now it’s just your phone. And on your phone, you can take a screenshot, I guess.

Ayla: Yeah.

Alan: So I went online to see if I can find some kind of a fake ticket to print off. Something so that she can open it in a card or something.

Jonathan: Right.

Alan: That’s something tangible that she can hold on to. So it was her birthday yesterday. I gave her the card, she opened it up and she screamed. It’s like the loudest excitement scream that I’ve ever heard. And she’s like, courtside! And I’m like, wait, hold on.

Jonathan: Oh, my God. You got courtside tickets ready to go, dude? Wow. What a generous husband. Good for you.

Ayla: What a rich guy.

Alan: I’m not Marky Mark for sure. So, yeah, she’s excited. I knew they said courtside, but that was all I could find. I didn’t think that she thought those were our tickets.

Ayla: Alann. Where are the tickets? Just get to the point.

Alan: They’re in the building.

Ayla:Are they in the back of the building? He’s like, you know, the janitor’s closet. That’s all I got.

Alan: No, no, no, really.

Ayla: Where are they?

Alan:In the back of the building.

Jonathan: So we can hear the game from there.

Alan: They’re pretty high up there.

Jonathan: Okay. But if its anywhere in the building that’s so misleading?

Ayla: That is so misleading.

Alan: It’s the playoffs. There still hundreds of dollars.

Ayla: No, I, I totally understand, and I’m not saying monetarily it’s not fair, monetarily speaking. But from her point of view, she’s opening this birthday card and it says floor seats. And then you’re like, hold on, we got to keep going up.

Jonathan: You know, it’s funny, my wife would be pissed at me if I bought these. She’d be like, How much money did you spend? Even if she was a big Celtics fan? I mean, how much did you spend? Are you kidding me?

Ayla: Sounds like his wife is a huge fan. It’s a cool experience to go to a playoff game for her birthday.

Alan: She loves them.

Jonathan: I know, I know, I’m on Allen’s side though. He got he could have just been like, oh, I’ve got you tickets here on my phone. He decided to go the extra mile and now his wife’s mad at him.

Ayla: Yeah, but it’s like it’s almost like when you give someone a card from Hallmark and you say that you’ve written it. Or it’s assumed that you’ve written it.

Jonathan: It’d be like having ChatGPT write a card.

Ayla: Sure. Exactly.

Jonathan: But I think that’s fine.

Ayla: Too fleeting.

Jonathan: It’s a little misleading, but it’s also it’s showing that you care enough to get her something that looks like an actual present, instead of just flashing your phone at her.

Ayla: Listen, I’m with you on that, but I feel like Alan’s wife doesn’t feel the same way.

Jonathan: Obviously she doesn’t.

Alan: She’s mad. She’s real mad. Yeah.

Ayla: She’s gonna need to bring tissues because she’s gonna get a nosebleed.

Well Alan and his wife may not get an up close view of the Celtics, but that doesn’t mean you can’t!

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