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I Just Found Out My New Boyfriend Sleeps With His Eyes Open And I Think I Need To Break Up With Him

Sophia and her new boyfriend have just hit the sleepover point in their relationship. She has slept over a few times now and was horrified to realize that he sleeps with his eyes open. She doesn’t think he knows he does it, but it creeps her out so much that she thinks she needs to break up with him.

Check Out Sophia’s Call About Sleeping With His Eyes Open

Jonathan: And today we have Sophia. Sophia has a bit of a problem with her boyfriend. You’ve heard of the term sleeping with one eye open?

Danielle: Yeah. Yeah.

Jonathan: He takes that to the extreme. So what’s going on there, Sophia?

Sophia: So things have been getting more serious with my boyfriend and I’ve been staying the night. And the past couple nights I’ve noticed that he sleeps with his eyes open.

Danielle: What?

Jonathan: But is he sleepwalking? Or, does he talk to you or anything? Or he’s just sleeping and he has his eyes open.

Danielle: That’s so weird.

Sophia: Just sleeping with his eyes open. So creepy.

My boyfriend sleeps with his eyes open
My boyfriend sleeps with his eyes open

Jonathan: Why is that worse? Why is it creepier?

Danielle: The snow people normally don’t sleep with their eyes open.

Jonathan: Right. Because if he was talking, I’d be like, OK, that’s something I’m used to. But how did you?

Danielle: So terrifying.

Jonathan: I have to ask. Does he do this on purpose? Is it a thing or what?

Danielle: Did he train himself?

Sophia: I don’t think so. I’m not sure he even knows he’s doing it.

Jonathan: OK. So did you ask him about it?

Sophia: No, it scared me so much I didn’t even really want to bring it up.

Scared girl in bed
Close up top view funny young woman peeking from duvet, scared shocked female looking at camera, lying in bed with wide open eyes, afraid of nightmares, hiding under white warm blanket

Jonathan: OK, so he doesn’t even know he’s doing this.

Sophia: I don’t think so.

Jonathan: OK.  So I’m sure there’s a term for this, Danielle, but I don’t know what it is. So you what do you think you’re breaking up with him? Are you gonna break up with him because of this?

Sophia: I mean I. Don’t know if I can see past it.

Jonathan: Well, literally.

Danielle: Yeah, nailed it.

Jonathan: It bothers you that much? Like if he was sleepwalking, would that be a deal breaker?

Sophia: I mean, I feel like that would be a little more normal.

Jonathan: It is a little bit more normal.

Danielle: Yeah, that absolutely is more normal. The sleeping with the eyes open thing is flat out weird.

Jonathan: Do you share a bed with somebody who has maybe this condition? They sleep with their eyes open. Maybe they sleepwalk. They sleep talk, they sleep dance. I don’t know. They sleep, work, whatever they do.

Danielle: Open thing is. Just flat out.

Jonathan: Were you able to deal with it or is a deal breaker? Would anybody out there break up with somebody because of something they do involuntarily in their sleep? Sophia, thank you so much.

Sophia: Thank you.

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