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Meet Shanna Jackman from Uxbridge 

Often, good things come in small packages. That is certainly the case with Shanna Jackman. She packs a lot of power and passion in a petite package. This artist’s voice is strong and her presence is dynamic. If you’ve seen Shanna perform The National Anthem at a Bruins game, you would know that. She’s actually been performing on home ice for over 10 years. They know a good thing.

Good things are certainly happening for Jackman. She has been busy writing and recording new music, and her current release showcases her vocal prowess. Shanna steps a little outside of her country comfort box on this offering. The piano, prominently featured here, helps elevate her voice and her message on “Control.” And this just the beginning of the next chapter for a New England favorite. Jackman is set to release more music very soon. As, always, I will be looking forward to what her next passion project will be.

  • Shanna Sings

    Shanna’s latest release is “Control.” She relayed, ” It was written with Randy Morrison and Cedric Israel and recorded at the infamous Rosewood Studios in Tyler, Texas. I wanted a song that I felt everyone could connect with because it’s something many of us have had to struggle with from time to time. Control. The song is about learning to let go and let God. Which isn’t always seem like an easy task especially when the parts that are causing you the worst pain are the hardest to let go. When you feel so stuck and so afraid to loose control of all you know and then you come to realize you were never alone and if you just let Him take control, you can find peace.”

    Push play to listen to “Control”

  • Jackman Facts, Man

    From: Uxbridge, Massachusetts

    Grew up in: Rhode Island, Milford/Uxbridge/Upton/Douglas AREA

    Current Single: “CONTROL”

    What lead you to music: My mother always sang to us as children. Just something that always felt natural. I love how music can bring people together, help you through good and bad times, and be inspiring and timeless.

    How old when you started: I officially started my professional career in 2009 but my mother said I was singing to commercials as a young child. My first on stage performance was during the 5th grade talent show.

    First country song you learned: Crazy by Patsy Cline

    Instruments played: Clarinet, Drums (for a minute haha) and Guitar

    How would you describe your sound: My sound is influenced by country, rock, pop and soul. I am often compared to Carrie Underwood, Martin McBride due to my large vocal range and power.

    Who inspires you: Everyday people inspire me in so many ways. From random acts of kindness to artist that are not afraid to go against the norm.

    If you are a band, how did you get your name: My band is “Shanna Jackman and Tailgates Down”. I represent myself in my band but work with an amazing group of talented musicians that call themselves “Tailgates Down”.


    • 2009 Stars Over Boston Winner

    • 2010 WCTK 98.1 Country Idol Winner

    • 2011 Won New England Country Music Organization Most Promising Country Vocalist and Entertainer

    • 2012 Won New England Country Music Organization Horizon Award for original “In My Truck”

    • 2012 Won Best Local Country Band, Not in Kansas, by WMRC

    • 2012 Nominated for Country Artist of the Year by Limelight Magazine

    • 2012 Received the Charles Rosenbusch Memorial Community Service Award by the Vietnam Veterans for the Community

    • 2013 Nominated for Best Local Country Act by WMRC

    • 2013 Won Best Single for original song, “In My Truck”

    • 2014 Nominated for Country Artist of the Year by Limelight Magazine

    • 2015 Nominated for Best Local Country Act, Sexiest Musician and Best Fans by WMRC

    • 2016 Recipient of the Unsung Hero Award by Limelight Magazine

    • 2016 Nominated for Best Music Video Award by Limelight Magazine

    • 2016 Nominated for Best Local Country Act by WMRC

    • 2018 Best Use of Music on a Float (July 4th parade, Milford MA)

    • 2019 Nominated for Sexiest Musician by MyFM, 101.

    * I have had the opportunity to perform at or open up for many national recording artists like: Blake Shelton, Gretchen Wilson, Sara Evens, Little Big Town, Darius Rucker, Dierks Bentley, Ronnie Dunn and more!

     *I have also been performing the National Anthem for the Boston Bruins since 2009!

    Dream duet partner: Jason Aldean or Kane Brown would be cool for males and female would love to sing with Martina McBride or Carrie Underwood.

    First country concert: I don’t get to attend a lot of concerts especially when I was younger mostly due to financial reasons. When I opened for Darryl Worley back in 2008, It was actually my first country show I saw and I happened to also be a part of it!

    What songs do you like now on Country 1025: I love all the music Country1025!

    If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing: Just like Luke Combs song “Doin’ This” I can’t imagine my life not being a singer and performer, but I have many other interests and passions as well and nice when I have the opportunity to blend them together.

    Day Job: Human Services Coordinator and Public Safety Dispatcher

    Most proud moment: I have had several blessings throughout my lifetime that could constitute proud moments for me. From being the first in my family to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree, to hearing personal stories from people all around the world telling me they were inspired by my music and some that said my music changed their life somehow or saved them from a difficult situation.

    Crazy thing that happened in your music career: One of my songs,: Answer the Call,” went viral on TikTok. I began seeing people creating videos and translating in other languages! It’s crazy to search on YouTube or google my name and the song and see the thousands of videos recreated. Some with millions of views.

    Also it’s crazy when a friend of mine shares that they had a random conversation with someone to only realize they are fans of my music and they get to tell them they know me. I love that.

    Other things you like to do: I actually enjoy cleaning, and organizing. I love getting ideas from people on social media on ideas and tips and tricks that I can use at home.

    Fun facts:  I am double jointed in my thumbs. . I love to organize and clean although not afraid to get dirty. I would consider myself shy and uncomfortable in most public situations, but mask it with being goofy, awkward and talking a lot haha.  I would also say that I am a “prepper” and have a “bug out” bag in case of emergencies. My Jeep Wrangler is outfitted with a lot of survival gear!

    Mantra: “Never regret anything, if it was what you wanted at the time” , “There is a blessing in every lesson”

  • See Shanna

    *I perform at my church, New England Chapel (Franklin, MA) about once a month as part of the Worship Team.

    March 19 – Worcester Railers Game – Military Appreciation Night – Performing God Bless America and my song We’ve Got Your Back.

    April 19th – Release of new song “Mend This Broken Heart” available where all digital music is streamed/purchased.

    May 14 -Wojcik’s Farm, Blackstone, MA

    June 24– Southwick Zoo, Mendon MA

    Follow me for more shows coming soon!


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