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I’m Asking Guests At My Daughter’s Second Birthday To Contribute To Our New Patio Fund Instead Of Buying A Gift For Her

Jared’s daughter is turning two years old and his wife wants him to plan a birthday party. Jared is already sick of all of the toys his daughter never plays with, so he came up with a plan. He asked guests not to buy her toys for her birthday. Instead, he thinks they should contribute cash to a fund for him to build a patio in the backyard. He says she won’t remember anything about the party, but the whole family will be able to enjoy the patio for years. Is this selfish on his part or a smart idea?

Here’s Jared’s Explanation Of His Patio Fund

Jonathan: Today for panic button we have Jared. Hey, Jared.

Jared: Hey.  How’s it going?

Jonathan: So you hate your daughter.

Jared: What? Wait.

Jonathan: Oh, is that not it? Oh, I’m sorry. That’s just what your wife told me to tell you.

Jared: What? What’s going on? No, dude. So my daughter’s second birthday is coming up. And my wife put me in charge of the party and the guest list. And I was thinking she’s two so she’ll be more excited about opening up the boxes and playing with the wrapping paper than actually getting stuff.

Jonathan: OK

Jared:  And we’re looking to put a patio in the backyard. I thought what I want to do with it is ask people to contribute to the family patio fund.

Ayla: Instead of the birthday fund. Right. Okay.

Jared: Instead of buying her something that she doesn’t care about. It should be something to the patio fund so that I could build a patio that works for all of us.

Jonathan: So you’ve already sent out the invitations saying this.

Ayla: What you’re doing almost reminds me of a funeral. No offense, but in lieu of flowers, please donate. So you’re saying in lieu of birthday presents that she’s never going to play with or open, it’s going to be too much. And in lieu of that, give us what you would spend on a birthday gift, but give me cash so I can build a patio set.

Jared: I mean, essentially. It’s feels more like you’re giving something to the family that she can enjoy and my wife and I, we’re all going to enjoy, as opposed to the plastic that’s going to sit in the corner.

Ayla: Hey, don’t talk about Barbie like that.

Jonathan: Or any toy for my two year old. Yeah.

Ayla: It’s true. All right.

Jonathan: Well, how do you feel about it.

Ayla: I’m very torn, because the cheap part of me, the frugal part, totally gets where parents come from when it comes to the overabundance of crappy toys that are given at birthday parties, right? But asking for money for a patio just rubs me a weird way for some reason. It’s not like an education fund. That’s what we did for Barrett’s birthday.

Jonathan: OK

Ayla: We said, please do not bring him gifts. He’s not going to remember this, but he has an education fund. Whatever you would have put toward the presents, put it toward that. That to me seems fair because it’s still benefiting the child.

Jonathan: It’s not an education fund but it’s going to up the value of the home. And then maybe they can sell the house and put the kid through college.

Ayla: Okay. But it’s a patio.

Jonathan: So what? Patios are awesome for kids. And she’ll have someplace to play with her dumb toys next year.

Ayla: Is that how you feel?

Jared: I mean, it’s good for all of us, right? You know, we’re talking about education. We’re putting that away down the road.

Jonathan: She’s only two.

Ayla: I don’t know your wife. I feel like she doesn’t like this idea.

Jonathan: Your wife is obviously pushing back. Has anybody else said anything?

Jared: I mean, I’ve heard through the grapevine a couple people are like, that’s a little funny. Are you sure you want to do that. And we’re still gonna have the music and decorations and the cage. She’s still going to be celebrated. Whatever.

Jonathan: Let me ask you this. Hey, what’s your favorite memory from your second birthday party?

Ayla: I don’t have one. You don’t have one.

Jonathan: She’s not going to have one either.

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