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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Justin was driving with his wife & kid. He got cut off by another driver. Justin’s road rage took over. He thinks he was taking care of them. His wife thinks he was putting them in danger. The other driver said “I will kill you”, but Justin laughed because he clearly wasn’t someone who would ever actually fight. Should he have backed down because his wife and child were in the car? Or is road rage a good way to keep your family safe?

Jonathan: Today for panic button we have Justin.

Justin: Hey. Good morning. How are you doing?

Jonathan: So you had a bit of a problem with an incident on the road, which is crazy road rage. Crazy for New England or Boston. There’s no road rage issues with here. What have you done Justin.

Justin: I’m in the car with my wife and we have a one year old. He just turned one. And, we’re driving along, and everybody’s in a hurry. This dude comes up on my tail, swerves around me and he cuts me off as he goes around me. And I’m like, buddy, you could see a car seat when you pass my car in the back, right? You can see the car seat. So what is it with this guy? He cut me off. He’s flying. And then I run into the guy at the next traffic light.

Jonathan: Wait. Not literally.

Justin: Yeah, I mean, he’s in the lane next to me, right? I’m in the left lane. He’s in the right. This is the same guy who just did all this nonsense. So I pull up and I honk the horn and I flip him off.

Ayla: You flipped him off?

Justin: Yeah. Pointing to the back seat, pointing to my wife. And he’s giving me all this crap. Yeah. The next thing I know, the light changes. He starts his crap again. And then he rolls his window down. He starts screaming at me, and I put the window down. My wife’s freaking out, right, because it’s freezing. I’ve got the window down and I’m screaming at the guy. Buddy, I’ve got a kid in the car. That’s my baby, and that’s my wife. And he says something along the lines of, look, I’ve got a gun. I’ll shoot you. I’ll kill you dead.

Ayla: What did you say when he said that?

Justin: Well, look. Sometimes I put my foot in my mouth. But I’ll tell you. He does drive a Prius. Okay. And I will say this Prius is quick.

Jonathan: Yeah, because it’s like a little hamster in a cage.

Ayla: Jonathan, right now stop. Wait, did you diss him in his Prius?

Justin: Well, he’s threatening me with a gun in his Prius, come on.

Jonathan: But he didn’t actually have a gun. He just yelled, I have a gun. I’ll shoot you, He’s not gonna shoot you.

Ayla: You’re not going to do that because you drive a Prius.

Justin: Basically. I mean.

Ayla: I mean, are you an idiot?

Justin: I am not an idiot.

Jonathan: He’s protective, all right.

Ayla: There’s no way that’s protecting your kids. You’re putting your family in danger. I would be angry at you. Never flip someone off in a vehicle. Ever. A fight can start between two men. Testosterone road rage. No way. Especially with a child in the car.

Justin: I think it was more like roid rage. Yeah. This freak out in a Prius threatening me.

Jonathan: So what happened next? You said the light changed when you started yelling at each other?

Justin: Yeah, we’re yelling and my wife’s flipping out. She goes, what are you, some kind of an idiot? Yeah. At some point I’ve got to back down and it’s my wife and kid. So we let it go. But what an A-hole, right?

Jonathan: I’m on your side 100%. Justin.

Ayla: But they’re in the car, okay?

Justin: And I know everybody’s uptight and everybody’s got issues. But I’ve got a kid and my wife in the car and this dude.

Jonathan: I get the same way. I’m fine when I’m by myself. I don’t think I’ve ever honked my horn other than to, like, let somebody know the light changed. But if I have my wife and kids in the car, I turn into a lunatic.

Ayla: I don’t know why you’re putting your kids and wife in more danger.

Jonathan: Because somebody else put them in danger.

Justin: It pisses me off. And the dude’s in a Prius.

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