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Drizly is dead, where can you go for booze now?

I’m not usually someone that is well known for making smart online purchases. In fact one of my favorite past-times that I developed during the pandemic was called Black (out) Fridays. That would entail me getting relatively tipsy on a Friday evening and ordering stuff from Amazon. Then on Sunday I would surprise myself with gifts that drunk me thought sober me would appreciate! (I rarely appreciated any of it).

However an app that I always liked was Drizly. It’s a Boston based company that would deliver alcohol directly to you from your favorite stores. This seems like a smart and sensible app considering that it would stop many people from finishing one bottle then drunkenly driving to the store to get another.

Well That App, According To Axios Is No More

Drizly is dead. Uber bought the app a few years ago. Found out that apparently they had a HUGE data breach that allegedly the company had been aware of for TWO YEARS without fixing it. So Uber has decided to get rid of Drizly and “focus on our core Uber Eats strategy of helping consumers get almost anything — from food to groceries to alcohol — all on a single app”.

I’m a little gutted to hear this. One because I have used Drizly for years and haven’t been the victim of identity theft (which confirms my suspicions that my identity isn’t worth stealing). Two because I actually liked Drizly more than any other alcohol delivery service. With Drizly they just drop the stuff off and leave. With every other delivery app, when you order alcohol, they make you go through the litigious rigamorale of checking your ID. Asking if you are sober. Checking your ID again. Realizing that it’s actually a polaroid picture of your cat. Asking if you are sober again.

Other Apps That Will Deliver Alcohol To You (Besides Drizly)

So since Drizly will soon be gone for good I decided to make a list of the other alcohol delivery apps you can still use (RESPONSIBLY).

  • 1. Drizly (FOR THE MOMENT)


    According to Built In Boston: Drizly is the hometown hero of alcohol delivery in Boston. The company was founded in 2013 by Boston College graduates Nick Rellas and Justin Robinson. The app connects local liquor stores with customers for one-hour delivery.

  • 2. Minibar


    Minibar, currently serving 21 states plus DC, offers a speedy delivery of wine, beer, and liquor right to your doorstep, usually within an hour. For those not in a rush, there’s also a statewide shipping option that takes about three to five days, plus a handy in-store pickup at your nearby liquor store. 

  • 3. Saucy

    For someone who would like to get drunk ASAP there’s Saucy. According to their website: “Beerwineliquormixerssnacks, and more—Saucey delivers everything you need to your neighborhood in minutes. Whether you’re looking to relax at home, order drinks to the office, reup supplies at a party, or send alcohol to a friend.”

  • 4. Uber Eats, Grubub, Door Dash ETC


    Pretty much any app that delivers food will also deliver alcohol these days. Personally as a former Uber Eats driver I prefer their service as it tends to come with the most attractive and charming drivers. But that’s just me.

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