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Hot day with dog. Thirsty yellow labrador retriever drinking water from the plastic bottle his owner.

I Went Off On This Nasty Dude Letting His Dog Slobber All Over A Public Water Fountain

Monica was at a public park with her child who took a drink from the water fountain. Soon after a man came over with a large dog and let the dog jump up and drink from the water fountain. Monica was horrified that this dog was slobbering all over the fountain her child had just drank from. The man said he lets his dog do this all the time, but she was enraged that he would do something so disgusting

Check Out Monica’s Call About Her Nasty Water Fountain Experience

Jonathan: We have Monica with us for panic button. Hey, Monica.

Monica: Hey, guys. How are you doing today?

Jonathan: Good morning. Doing great. So what happened there, Monica.

Monica: All right, I don’t know if I am crazy or not. It was just a nice sunny day. Kind of like today. It’s really nice. I went to the park with my kid, my daughter.

Jonathan: OK

Monica: And we were just hanging out, and it was pretty hot outside. So she goes to the water fountain and she grabs a little drink. You know, it’s a public park.

Jonathan: Anyway, yeah.

Monica: So she goes to drink some water. And as we’re about to walk away, this guy walks past us, and he has this huge dog. Like a German shepherd. And it’s a beautiful dog, but nonetheless. He goes up to the water fountain with the dog, and he runs the water fountain button. And the dog is drinking straight from the fountain.

Jonathan: Whoa. Whoa.

Monica: Slobber all over, going everywhere

Jonathan: Yeah.

Monica: And, you know, I said something because I’m going to the park. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person in the world who’s concerned for their kids or anybody else. Who knows what’s going on with this dog.

Jonathan: Yeah, I don’t know.

Would you let your dog drink right from a water fountain?
Hot day with dog. Thirsty yellow labrador retriever drinking water from the plastic bottle his owner.

Monica: I go up to him and I said something. I go, hey, why is your dog drinking from the fountain? Why don’t you get a cup or something? My daughter just drank from that.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Monica: And he goes, oh, there’s no problem. My dog has a right to drink from the fountain. I’m just looking at this guy like he’s crazy, right? No consideration for anybody else. Not just like adults, the children as well. And he’s says, well, listen lady, nobody’s ever said anything to me before. I do this all the time.   

Jonathan: Oh, my God.

Monica: I don’t know. I think it’s about time that somebody said something to you like, it’s not a dog park. You know what I’m saying?

Jonathan: Sure

Monica: Everybody goes to the park in this area and in this neighborhood, and we’re going back in this banter back and forth, like I’m just sitting here in absolute disgust. And he’s like, you’re overexaggerating. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s a water fountain. It’s for everybody. And I’m like, yeah, everybody. Not every dog. It’s different. And I just want to know if I’m the only one who cares that much. Because if I am, call me crazy, I guess.

Jonathan: Well, yeah. He says he does it all the time, and you’re the first person to say anything to him about it.

Monica: Where is everyone else already? Too skeeved about the water fountain?

Jonathan: Yeah, maybe. Well, I wasn’t going to drink from it anyway. Now I have a good excuse.

Monica: I don’t know, maybe people don’t like confrontation, but if my kid is going to drink from something and get sick, God forbid, I’m sorry, but I’m ready. I’m ready for confrontation.

Jonathan: Monica’s problem is, she was at the park with her daughter, a public park, and she saw a guy letting his dog drink from the water fountain. And she was obviously skeeved out by it. She confronted him about it, and he was like, what? You’re the first person to ever say anything to me about this? I do this all the time and nobody cares. Would you care? Is this disgusting or should she have let it go? Monica thank you so much.

Monica: Yeah of course guys, thanks for this. Thanks for having me.

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