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My Father Is Remarrying Late In Life To A Woman With A Lot Of Children Who Are Going To Steal My Inheritance

Elle’s father is older and has met a woman who he wants to marry. He has a lot of money and Elle is concerned that his new wife’s children will convince him to change his will. She doesn’t want to share her inheritance with them, so she doesn’t want him to get married

Elle is worried that her father’s marriage will cut down on her inheritance

Check Out Elle’s Call About Her Inheritance Worries

Jonathan: For panic button we have Elle. Hey Elle!

Elle: Hi. How’s it going?

Jonathan: It’s going well. You are on the verge of doing something that only happens in movies when the preacher stands up at a wedding and says, anybody have anything to say? Speak now. Or forever hold your peace. You’re about to burst through the wall like the Kool-Aid, man and say your peace. So, what’s going on?

Elle: Okay. So my dad is 75 years old, and he’s about to get married, and I would not have anything against it, but I’ve been his daughter for a long time.

Jonathan: Your whole life, right?

Elle: Yeah. Right. Exactly. And I’ve seen him struggle through getting his money, and now he’s basically big in real estate, and he’s made all this money. My mom and him basically divorced a couple of years back, and he’s remarrying to this woman

Jonathan: Right

Elle: And she’s fine. She’s great. He asked me if he can have my blessing.

Ayla: Is the woman the same age as him? I’m just trying to get a visual of, like, he’s like 30 years younger than him because he’s 75.

Elle: No, she’s about the same age as him. About the same age.

Ayla: That’s kind of cute.Sorry, I do feel good stories about this all the time. Okay. Go ahead.

Elle: But, I’m not going to give my blessing because she has a ton of kids on her end. And I’m just thinking about this. I know this sounds selfish, but all this inheritance that was supposed to go to me is now going to be split up among these kids.

Jonathan: So its just more kids are going to be added to the pool right now. You’re not going to get anything but your cut.

Ayla: She might not. That actually happened to my dad’s dad. He remarried and they got everything. My dad wasn’t left with a penny.

Jonathan: So you told your dad? No, I’m not giving you my blessing.

Elle: Yeah. I did. I know that sounds selfish, but she’s been here for what, like, a year. And now you’re getting remarried, and she has all these kids. And I’m like this isn’t fair. And I’m not even coming to the wedding if it happens. And I stand by that.

Ayla: Wow.So when are they getting married?

Elle: It’s going to be in the fall.

Ayla: Okay. Yeah, we have time to change his mind.

Jonathan: There’s time to sabotage. Yeah. Maybe get your mom and dad back together.

Ayla: Like the Parent Trap.

Elle: Yeah.

Jonathan: All right, well, I, I don’t know. I don’t think it’s right to stand in the way of love, but at the same time, I get not wanting to miss out on money, but then again.

Ayla: But should life be all about the money?

Jonathan: No, it shouldn’t. And also, it’s not your money.

Ayla: It’s his money, right? This money? He can do exactly what he wants with it, even if it doesn’t go to you.

Jonathan: Right? I mean, do you feel like you’ve earned this money somehow just by existing?

Ayla: Yes.

Elle: Yes I do. Okay. I mean right now it’s financially tough everywhere. And if you come to the point when you’re getting older……

Ayla: Right.

Elle: I don’t know, I stand by it. I’m sorry. Not sorry. Like you know. All right.

Jonathan: And you also had it in your mind. You were depending on getting this money or you thought you were going to be getting it. So the idea that you might not is kind of disturbing and upsetting. Is that selfish? Is it wrong? She’s saying, I don’t believe in love. I don’t believe in marriage.

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