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Anesthesiologist preparing you for your vasectomy
Doctor in medical mask and protective clothes standing with an anesthesia mask in her hand

My Girlfriend Has An Odd Obsession With Vasectomy Videos That Is Making Me Worry About Our Future

Eric’s girlfriend relaxes by watching surgery videos online, which he has always found weird. But lately she has been obsessed with vasectomy videos. Now Eric is worried she is going to want him to have one even though they’re newly dating and he doesn’t have any kids.

Eric doesn't want to get a vasectomy
man wearing shorts holding genitals. Men’s health, venereologist, sexual disease

Check Out Eric’s Call On His Girlfriend’s Vasectomy Obsession

Jonathan: Today for panic button we have Eric.

Eric: Hey. How are you doing?

Jonathan: Well, so you have a problem where? I don’t know, maybe you need to sleep with one eye open. Making sure there’s no surgical tools in your house. But you have a problem with your girlfriend and the video she’s been watching. What’s going on?

Eric: My girlfriend and I have been together for six months now. We just celebrated our six month anniversary. And she loves watching these surgical videos online.

Jonathan: Like, Doctor Pimple Popper?

Eric: God, I wish.

Ayla: No that’s meJonathan. Remember, I have an obsession with pimple popping.

Jonathan: Sure. Okay.

Eric: No, I wish that’s what she watches. It’s actual almost like live streams and recordings of surgeries.

Jonathan: Oh, not a TLC cable television show or something like that. Like botched.

Eric: Yeah.

Surgeons standing above of the patient before surgery

Jonathan: She just likes watching the actual surgeries. I didn’t know you could find anything like that.

Eric: Oh, yeah. You could.

Jonathan: Well, apparently maybe she’s into some dark web stuff.

Eric: No, I know.

Jonathan: Okay, so she watches the surgeries and she, I’m assuming, is a med student or something.

Eric: Not. See, that’s the thing. No, she has never expressed or studied medicine or anything. She’s a hairdresser.

Jonathan: So she just likes to watch surgeries.

Ayla: Okay?

Jonathan: She doesn’t work at a doctor’s office?

Eric: No, no,

Ayla: It doesn’t have to do with anxiety? I’m obsessed with chiropractic videos, watching people get cracked, and pimple videos. And I think it has to do with my weird anxiety.

Jonathan: But that’s a vicarious thing where you are feeling like you see the people getting their back, right? You’re like, oh, I bet that feels so good.

Ayla: Well maybe she feels something watching the surgery.Exactly

Jonathan: Do you feel something by where you get a pimple pop? Like pleasure?

Ayla: Pleasure watching. Maybe she’s a serial killer or something?

Jonathan: Are you saying it’s okay if she’s a serial killer, then? Maybe she’s got a good reason for it. Like she’s chopping up kittens in the backyard. Is there any specific video that she’s been watching that’s particularly disturbing?

Eric: Yes. Yes. She started watching vasectomy videos recently. That’s what she’s gotten into.

Jonathan: Okay. Yeah, we know what a vasectomy is.

Ayla: We get it.

Jonathan: So you obviously saw this. Did she tell you she’s watching this? Or did you catch her?

Eric: She doesn’t hide it. It’s not like she’s squirreling it away. She just pulls it up on the TV or the YouTube app?

Eric: She’s watching on YouTube, obviously with some of those. But she finds these medical sites. So she’s like watching these vasectomy videos online.

Ayla: That’s where I draw the line.

Eric: Thank you.

Jonathan: Oh, because it’s a penis?

man hands open in his underwear

Ayla: Because it’s a penis. You know, there’s something about open heart surgery versus a penis.

Jonathan: Yeah, I well, personally, as I’m going into porn, I know it’s like watching the Wizard of Porn. At least when it’s. It’s porn. It’s like, watch it. Look at this thing being functional and doing things that God intended it to do instead. Let’s watch this guy getting his, vest deference tied up.

Ayla: Okay, so, so weird.

Eric: Yeah, is this just gonna escalate? I’m worried she’s gonna start taking notes.

Jonathan: You don’t need to go the doctor. I’ve got a steak knife. Bite down on a towel. That’s not a red flag at all.

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