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right after birth, baby is holding father's finger

My Baby’s Mother Is Keeping Me Out Of The Delivery Room For His Birth Just Because I Cheated On Her

Robert’s girlfriend got pregnant and pressured him to get married. Robert freaked out and cheated on her, so they broke up. Now she is about to give birth and doesn’t want him in the delivery room. But he wants to be there for the birth of his son and thinks he has a right to be there

Should Mom Allow Dad In The Delivery Room After He Cheated On Her?
A ceiling mounted hospital directional sign highlighting the way towards the maternity, ward – 3D render

Check Out Robert’s Phone Call About His Delivery Room Drama

Jonathan: Today for panic button we have Robert. Hey, Robert.

Robert: Hey. How’s it going?

Jonathan: It’s going well. You, to quote the band Outkast, have some baby mama drama. What’s going on, Robert?

Robert: Yeah, that’s putting it mildly. I guess the rundown. So my current ex-girlfriend, she, well, we became pregnant. And the baby is due here in a couple of weeks. And since we are currently ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend, I want to be there for the delivery of my son, and she doesn’t even want me in the delivery room.

Ayla: Why?

Robert: Well, I mean, like I said, she’s my ex. I was the dummy, I screwed up. She was trying to pressure me into getting married and I said I don’t want to. Let’s just keep it as it is. And then I did a dumb thing and cheated on her, and she found out. So we broke up.

Ayla: Cheater!

Robert: And, yeah, Aya I’m owning it. I screwed up, it’s all on me. I know that I screwed up.

Should Mom Allow Dad In The Delivery Room After He Cheated On Her?
Portrait of young pregnant attractive woman, standing by the window, dressed in casual clothing, day before due date

Ayla: It takes a good man to be like I messed up. And you sound like you’re apologetic and contrite. Has she accepted your apology? Obviously not. If she doesn’t want you in the delivery room.

Robert: Yeah, she is pretty steadfast on not letting me be there. And the thing is again, I know I screwed up. But my dad was a total deadbeat and he wasn’t around at all. So even though me and the mother of my child are no longer on really good terms, I don’t want my son to suffer the absence of a father just because of what I did.  

Jonathan: She’s not saying she doesn’t want you to be a part of his life at all. She’s just saying she doesn’t want you there when he’s born.

Should Mom Allow Dad In The Delivery Room After He Cheated On Her?
right after birth, baby is holding father’s finger

Robert: I mean, that is also kind of a pretty big deal.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Ayla: I was going to say, maybe just start with him in the delivery room. But then escalate. I think, because she’s hurt and she didn’t want to be. She wanted to marry you, Robert. You know what I mean? She wanted to spend her life with you. And then you guys got pregnant and she thought, this is going to be the future. And then you cheated.

Jonathan: Let me ask you, because this is kind of important Robert. Did she want to get married before she was pregnant, or did she only decide to do it after?

Ayla: That’s a good question.

Robert: We talked about it for sure. And then once she became pregnant, she definitely ramped up her pressure. Of course.

Ayla: Yeah, yeah.Honestly, I would have done the same thing.

Robert: Right. And I just wanted to keep things as it was. Like I said, I screwed up. I did something dumb. So here we are now.

Jonathan: Robert’s problem is that he cheated on his girlfriend while she was pregnant and pressuring him into getting married. She’s going to have the baby pretty soon. He wants to be there for the birth, and she says, absolutely not.

Ayla: What do you think, Jonathan?

Jonathan: I think she should let him in, as a father.

Ayla: Yes.

Jonathan: Look what happened between him and her is between him and her. It has nothing to do with the baby, right?

Ayla: Even if she’s hurt?

Jonathan: Having been there for the birth of my two sons, if I missed that, I would feel horrible. And I really feel like it does hurt that connection a little bit. Like you’re there holding him the day he comes into the world. You’re not saying you’re going to take him or saying he’s going to be with me. Now you’re just saying you want to be there when he’s born. I don’t really see a problem with that, but obviously she does. Robert, thank you so much.

Ayla: Good luck.

Robert: Hey thanks guys. Love the show. Thank you.

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