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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

Woman in bikini is on vacation sitting on the beach in summer. Tropical beach travel lifestyle.

Rudy’s daughter just turned 18. She and her friends are going on their first “adult” vacation and they’ve decided to rent an AirBnb in Colombia. Rudy is worried because he doesn’t think they are taking the level of danger seriously, but they’re insistent that its a perfectly safe and cool place to take a vacation. Do you think Colombia is a good place for a group of 18 year old girls to travel to on vacation?

Jonathan: Today for panic button we have Rudy. Rudy, your problem is that your daughter is about to be in a Liam Neeson movie or something.

Rudy: Basically. Yeah.

Jonathan: What’s going on?

Rudy: So my daughter just turned 18, and her and her best friends want to go to this cool vacation as an adult and whatnot. Only thing is, they want to go to Colombia.

Jonathan: The college?

Rudy: No, the narco state country.

Ayla: Colombia. Isn’t Sofia Vergara from Colombia? She is on Modern Family. She doesn’t make it seem very nice.

Jonathan: So they want to go to Colombia. The country?

Rudy: Yeah.

Jonathan: Like the place where all of the drugs come from? And where is this a resort?

Rudy: No, they’re staying at a cute little AirBnb that they found online.

Jonathan: Wer’e very concerned Rudy. So here was Rudy’s problem. His problem is his daughter, who’s in college, is thinking about taking a trip to Colombia with her sorority sisters.

Ayla: Or just three other girls.

Jonathan: Yeah. So three college girls wants to take a trip to Colombia, which I just googled. The first thing that comes up with Colombia is, violent crime. Murder, rape and assault are widespread in Colombia.

Ayla: But they found a great Airbnb. So does not sound safe.

Jonathan: Maybe that’s safer. So his problem is he don’t want her to go. Yeah. So you don’t want to be in a Liam Neeson movie? He doesn’t want to have to be answering a phone call from somebody saying that if you want your daughter back, it’s going to be whatever. So how does he get her to not go?

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