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Wedding chapel sign in Las Vegas. In the background a false bell tower.

Maren and her boyfriend went to LA to visit his parent for Thanksgiving. While they were there they decided to pop over to Las Vegas for a quickie Vegas wedding. How does she now tell her parents that she’s married and his parents got to be there but they didn’t. Would you be upset to discover your only daughter opted for a quickie Vegas wedding and didn’t even think to invite you?

Jonathan: I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I know Maren had a complicated but fantastic Thanksgiving. Let’s talk to her. Hey, Maren.

Maren: Hey. Hey. What’s up?

Jonathan: Let’s go over all of the things that you did during your Thanksgiving break.

Maren: Oh, my gosh. I went to my boyfriend’s families Thanksgiving this year, which was the first time. They live in L.A. So we flew out there, which made my mother mad. She did not like that.

Jonathan: Because you weren’t spending Thanksgiving with her.

Maren: Exactly.

Jonathan: Your first time doing that.

Maren: It is.

Jonathan: Yeah, she probably just got I guess upset.

Maren: Yeah, sure. But the main thing is while I was there, his parents, who are like partiers, they’re really fun. They’re just like, Hey, let’s go to Vegas.

Jonathan: Wow. Thanksgiving in Vegas. Okay.

Maren: Yeah, I mean they’re kind of wild. And I love them. And they have money so they can do whatever they want. So I was in Vegas, and the next thing I know, I am in a wedding chapel.

Jonathan: What?

Maren: We got really drunk. Like, we all got really drunk. His parents were there as witnesses as I am marrying my boyfriend.

Jonathan: Okay. You said you were drunk, right?

Maren: Yeah. I mean, I wasn’t blacked out or anything.

Ayla: You actually got married at a chapel? I have so many questions. Oh, my gosh, I can’t believe you did that.

Jonathan: Okay, so your mom is already mad about you not being there for Thanksgiving. You get married at a chapel with your boyfriend’s parents as witnesses. So she’s not even at your wedding, right?

Maren: My dad will think this is funny. But my mom is gonna lose her mind.

Jonathan: Can I tell you what that is? That’s a dad going thank God I don’t have to pay for it. Thank God I don’t have to go to it. Good for you. That’s hilarious.

Maren: Yeah, right. You know, you’re right.

Jonathan: Mom is obviously not going to take it so well.

Maren: My mom is going to lose her mind. I don’t know how to tell her. I mean, that’s my question. Do I pretend and plan an actual wedding, sometime in the spring? Or just not tell her that this happened and just feel like we’re in fake marriage.

Ayla: I have an actually important question. Did you want to spend the rest of your life with your boyfriend now I guess legal husband like this is this was a fantastic relationship in the first place? Do you regret it?

Maren: I mean I might want to be with him a little bit longer. Yes. Before this happened.

Jonathan: So you don’t regret getting married. You just regret the circumstances of it.

Maren: I regret how it happened. Mostly because I just have to deal with my mother.

Jonathan: So you want to know whether you should lie to her or tell her the truth?

Maren: Yeah.

Jonathan: All right. Well, you know what? Let’s do a little role playing right now. Why don’t you pretend I’m your mom? I know the whole story, but just say here’s why that happened. Go ahead.

Maren: Okay. So we had a great time when I went to L.A.

Jonathan: Oh, I’m glad you had a good time and Thanksgiving without me. That’s awesome. Anyway, go ahead, sweetie.

Maren: Well, it’s this funny story. We ended up going to Vegas and we actually ended up getting married.

Jonathan: You notice that silence on the other end? That’s because your mom just died. Okay, so Maren wants to know whether she should kill her mother by telling her the truth or keep her alive by lying to her.

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