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Country Mornings with Jonathan & Ayla

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Derrick is a short king, or at least he thinks he is. He was having no luck on the dating apps when he said he’s 5’10 so he changed it to 6’2 and his app blew up. Now he’s got a girl he’s been talking to and really likes, but she thinks he’s 6’2 and he’s worried when she finds out he’s a “short king”, she will lose interest in him.

Jonathan: Ayla is not here, but she will be back soon. We are doing panic button and today for panic button we have Derek. Hi Derek. You have a little bit of a problem with the women. What’s going on?

Derrick: Yes. I recently just got on the dating app scene. And I guess long story short, I am lying about my height on the app. I’m five foot ten.

Jonathan: Okay. Five foot ten. Is that bad?

Derrick: Yeah, I’m five foot ten. But on the app, I ended up putting that I’m six foot two because I quickly realized that when I change my height to six foot two, then I just started getting all these matches left and right, like way more than I did when my height was initially on five foot ten.

Jonathan: Okay. That’s a kind of an interesting social experiment. So when you lied about your height and said you were four inches taller, suddenly the women were coming out of the woodwork.

Derrick: Oh, yeah, definitely.

Jonathan: Okay. So, I mean, other than you proved, I guess, a valid point for yourself. What’s the problem?

Derrick: The problem is, is that I actually matched with this girl who I really like. We’ve been talking for a while, and I think we’re going to go on a date soon.

Jonathan: But she thinks you’re four inches older than you are.

Derrick: She’s tall too. I she’s about six foot, I think around there.

Jonathan: Same as the height you said you are.

Derrick: Yeah. And so I’m extremely nervous and I’m considering going on the date wearing either those cowboy boots that make you taller or those things guys put in.

Jonathan: You’re gonna wear lifts?

Derrick: Yeah. And then I don’t really have much of a plan. I guess my hope is wearing them will work.

Jonathan: Could you just be honest then just show up and say, Look, I lied because women won’t pay attention to you if you’re under six foot?

Derrick: Well, no, because all the women care about is height. And if I tell her the truth, she’ll absolutely unmatch me or not meet up with me.

Jonathan: That’s not true. Women also care about money. I wish Ayla was here for this. Oh, my God. It would be so great. Well, so you are fine with lying to her because women, I guess, in your head as far as this is concerned, are superficial and they only care about height. I’m wondering if that’s true. Do women like a “short king”? How important is height to women? Is it more important than hair? Is it more important than money? Derek, thank you so much.

Derrick: Oh, thank you.

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