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My Husband Lied To Me About Not Having Any Paternity Leave

Maggie just had a baby and it was a difficult pregnancy. She took maternity leave, but her husband said he didn’t have paternity leave so he worked the whole time. When she looked up his company handbook, she found out they do give paternity leave. Maggie isn’t sure whether her husband just never checked the company policy or if he knew he had the option of paternity leave and lied to her about it. And she’s not sure which would be worse.

Maggie Called Into Jonathan And Ayla To Discuss Her Husband’s Paternity Leave


Jonathan: Today for panic button we have Maggie, who’s, going to be talking about a subject very close to Ayla’s heart. Well, actually lower a little.

Ayla: More in the belly region from what I understand.

Jonathan: Well, you’re 19 months pregnant.

Ayla: I feel like I am, but I’m down to the wire, baby.

Jonathan: Hey, Maggie, you just had a baby. But you had a problem with maternity and paternity leave. What happened?

Maggie: Wee I just had a baby as you said. I had a really tough pregnancy and a really tough delivery.

Jonathan: I’m sorry to hear that.

Maggie: Thank you. We’ve adjusted, but I live in New Hampshire. My company gave me six weeks of maternity. I was under the impression that my husband had paternity leave with his company.

Ayla: Yeah.

Jonathan: It’s not guaranteed in New Hampshire, so I know. I can see them not giving anything.

Ayla: My sister works in New Hampshire, and she has to take unpaid everything for the whole time she’s away. Her employer doesn’t pay anything. Neither does the state. So, I feel for people who live in New Hampshire, but it sounds like your employer gave you six weeks of paid leave. That’s awesome. Congrats.

Jonathan: And yeah your husband didn’t get it?

Maggie: My husband did not get it. Well, he swears he looked into it and he does not have it.

Jonathan: Yes. Yeah sure. A lot of time.

Ayla: So what you went to Google.

Maggie: So I went to Google. And I went to his company website. They have a handbook you can download. So I downloaded the company handbook I went through it cover to cover. And they do have paternity leave.

Jonathan: So he did have how many weeks? Two weeks? How long?

Maggie: Same as maternity leave, maybe a little less.

Jonathan: So like three weeks.

Maggie:  30 days.

Jonathan: Okay. Well, that’s really good. But he didn’t take it.

Maggie: I don’t know if he didn’t know that he had it or couldn’t do it.  But no, he did not take the paternity leave. He was working this entire time.

Jonathan: So you’re wondering why he did this? Did lie to you? Or is he just an idiot? Is that the question?

Maggie: I want to know if he even looked into it. If he just didn’t see it, or if he’s just so dumb. Or if he did see it and thought she can handle it herself.

Jonathan: All right, which would be worse?

Ayla: Oh, yeah.

Maggie: The last one.

Ayla: But he’s lying that she can just do it by herself.

Jonathan: Yeah. Do it by yourself. You said it was tough. You were at home by yourself the whole time, or did you have any help?

Maggie: I mean, I had my mom. She came over a lot.

Jonathan: But he was at work the whole time.

Maggie: Yes.

Jonathan: All right.

Maggie: But you asked which would be worse. And honestly, I don’t know. That’s a great question, because if he didn’t even bother to look, it’s one thing.

Ayla: Yeah.

Maggie: But if he found out, that’s a whole other thing. And if he’s just too dumb or didn’t even try, who am I even married to?

Jonathan: That is Maggie’s problem. She just had a baby, was on maternity leave, and while on maternity leave, she looked up whether her husband got paternity leave. He swore up and down that he didn’t. But it turns out that he actually does.

Ayla: It makes me feel a certain way. I don’t know what it is yet.

Jonathan: I don’t know. Anxious for Maggie’s marriage.

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